How to choose a non-freezing fluid for a car

In order of your windscreen in winter were clean and provided safe review, do not spare money and time for choosing a quality "nezamerzayki".

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Remember how in the rebellious ' 90s, when antifreeze liquids for cars only appeared on the shelves of autos and cost fabulous money, and kiosks were crammed brim with low-quality but cheap vodka of unknown origin, many drivers filled in the windshield washer reservoir cheap vodka purchased in the nearest tent. Now the times are different and as "nezamerzayki" is used in automotive antifreeze. The quality of it is different and not always it copes with its main task – the washing of the glasses.

what is "nezamerzayku"

The main components of antifreeze are alcohol, water, surfactants (detergents), fragrances and dyes. Prior to 2000, "nezamerzaika" was used methyl, ethyl and isopropyl alcohols. Later the manufacture and sale of liquid-based methanol were banned and currently in most non-freezing liquids used isopropyl alcohol, less often ethyl and, though rarely, but there are cooked underground way "nezamerzayki" on the basis of methyl alcohol. Why banned methanol? Yes, because it is extremely hazardous to health, from very small doses of methyl alcohol may be deprived of view, but using only 30 g of this toxic substance at all will go to hell. How to determine from which alcohol is made non-freezing fluid? By smell! The almost complete absence of smell "nezamerzayki" would clearly indicate the use of methyl alcohol, the classic smell of vodka would indicate the addition of ethanol. But if the liquid of disgusting smell of something vaguely resembling a mixture of acetone with smells in the dentist's office , you are lucky – your "nezamerzayku" made of isopropyl alcohol.

How to avoid low-quality counterfeit

In the first place should pay attention to the packaging. Canister for the non-freezing fluid must be made of translucent plastic, with comfortable handle and reliable screw-top tube. The label on the container must be performed efficiently, without defects and contain full information about the product: the chemical composition of the liquid, temperature of freezing, date of manufacture, the manufacturer and its details. Next you should lift the canister up and viewed from below its bottom. At the bottom if visible residue, this liquid is not worth taking, because its production was used poorly staining component, therefore, the rest of the ingredients are unlikely to be of good quality. To determine the presence nezamerzayki detergent, without which wash away from the glass dirt will be problematic, the canister quite a few times to shake. If the surface of the liquid appeared resistant foam – "nezamerzayku" is correct. The best way to protect yourself from buying counterfeit is cooking nezamerzayki with their hands. Let the glass of your car will always be clean! You no nail, no wand!

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