How to deal with fogging glasses in the car. To the glass in the car, of course

In the offseason and winter, and just rainy weather, the glass in the car inevitably fog up, impairing overview and complicating control of the car.

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In the off-season and winter, and just in rainy weather, the glass in the car inevitably fog up, impairing overview and complicating control of the car.

Why I'm sweating glass

The reason for the misting in the car is one condensation of water vapor contained in the warm air of the interior of the car, on the glass surface having a lower temperature. This is physics, the laws of nature cannot change, we are able to only change the value of the components of this natural process, reducing the humidity in the cabin, giving the temperature difference at the boundary of air-glass and changing the physical properties of the glass surface at the point of contact with the interior air.

Preventing the ingress of moisture

The snow and the water that enters the cabin as warm air, begins to evaporate, saturating the air with water vapor. Wet clothing of the passengers and damp from shoes mats – this is the main source of moisture in the cabin. If from damp clothes to get rid of it is unrealistic, respect the relative dryness of floor mats, placing them on the newspaper, you are quite a force. Do not leave in salon of the rag before you ride wipe the glass or bodywork of your iron horse, find it a place somewhere in the trunk. Quite often the moisture in the interior of the vehicle enters from the outside through a worn or detached rubber door seal, becoming both a cause of fogging and corrosion body.

Ventilation and air conditioning

To get rid of fogging is possible by switching the ventilation device and the heating mode of blowing-UPS, and increasing the temperature of the blowing force. It is important that when this was turned off the internal air circulation. Sometimes it does not help in such cases it is possible to drop the glass on both front doors, the resulting air stream will quickly remove the windshield with moisture. Perfectly dries the air in the cabin automotive air conditioning, provided that its filter is not dirty and not worn, and the drain hole of the air-conditioning system is not jammed. Its contribution to the deterioration of interior ventilation can contribute to reduced throughput due to saharawian ducts vents unnecessary things in the cabin or in the trunk of a car. Sometimes after a body repair rear body parts dishonest mechanics ventilation ducts can be completely sealed. Will help get rid of excess humidity in the cabin and such a simple tool, like a packet of salt in a cardboard box. Placed in the rear compartment, it will absorb moisture from the air, thus dry it.

Processing of glass

Processing a variety of glass defoggers in the form of sprays, liquids or napkins will create on the surface of the glass thin film properties surface tension such that droplets of condensate will either lie on her rare single objects or slipping down. Such liquid for the treatment of glass and easy to cook yourself, mix 1 part glycerin to 10 parts of alcohol. Alternatively, you can wipe the glass with newspaper or RUB their tobacco – the effect will be not much worse than using chemicals. At the very least just wash clean the inside of the Windows and wipe it dry. On a perfectly clean glass surface the appearance point of condensation will be much more difficult. There is and long lasting way to get rid of fogging is to coat them with a special transparent anti-fog film. Excel in the condensate embedded in a glass spiral heaters, which recently established not only to rear but also on windshields of cars.

the Human factor

Placing the car in the company of several people, you should be prepared for the fact that the vehicle's windshield will start to fog up pretty quickly. If this company and talking animatedly, actively breathing out warm air saturated with moisture, in this case without changing the settings of the climate control, basic ventilation of salon or treatment to passengers with a request to be quiet is simply not enough. Instantly react glass machine on the alcohol exhaled by a drunk passenger. Due to the fact that alcohol is by nature hygroscopic, vapor saturated with moisture, which immediately settles on the glass in the form of condensation, involving such vehicle the special attention of the traffic police officers. Let the glass of your car will always be clean and clear! You no nail, no wand!

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