How to choose the wipers. Choose wiper blades

Usually the wiper blades just remember when traveling to inclement weather when they fidget along the glass, leaving streaks and nasty squeaking.

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Usually the wiper blades just remember when traveling in inclement weather, when they fidget along the glass, leaving streaks and nasty squeaking.

Types of wiper blades

Frame wiper blades is the most common type of wiper blades. They equip the car manufacturers, releasing it from the plant. The reason for this popularity is their versatility, simple design and low price. These wipers are perfect to convex windshields Pets domestic automotive industry and the almost flat glass cars. Despite all the advantages of frame wiper blades have a major drawback – the snow and water that falls in the winter time metal construction, fast freeze, thus greatly reduce the efficiency of the wipers. Frameless wipers do not have a frame, it performs the role of a flat metal spring hidden inside their rubber housings. With this design of frameless brushes adapt easily to the curvature of the windshield. Such wipers –all season, they are not afraid of frosts, excellent coping with their work in heat and in cold. Moving smoothly, they operate almost silently, evenly cleaning automotive glass from water, snow and dirt. In addition, they equally effectively clean the windshield on all modes of operation, leaving no messy stains, no muddy streaks on its surface. However, there is a shortage and they have – they are designed to work on almost flat surface of the windshield of most cars and inefficient when used on convex windshields domestic "classics". Hybrid wipers are composed of a lightweight metal frame, hidden in a rubber case. These wiper blades combine the advantages of frame and frameless wipers: well attached to the glass surface, perfectly adapting to its shape, and perfectly clean windshield of the car.


The most common and universal type mounts wiper blades is a "Hook" or "Hook". This mount was equipped with the windshield wipers of their cars most automakers. However, since 1999, more and more automotive giants began to recruit new models original, not like the rest, ISOFIX janitors. Is this good or bad? A large assortment of brushes greatly complicates the problem of selection of necessary janitors, and considerably increases their cost. At the same time, the original attachment size is always smaller from universal and takes into account the curvature of glasses of a particular model. Brush with universal adapters make them "omnivorous" and reduce to zero the problem of interchangeability, however, the process of installing them is harder than the specific, and aerodynamics significantly inferior to the original.

brushes Length

When choosing janitors must pay attention to the length of the brushes. For example, a set of wipers for Daewoo Lanos consists of two wiper blades by the length of 475mm, for Taurus, this value is 500 mm. Choosing the length of the brushes can be used creatively, experimenting with brushes of different lengths. So, the same Daewoo Lanos area of the cleaned surface of the glass will increase significantly if, instead of a pair of janitors length 475 mm use the left with a length of 500 mm, right 450 mm At Tavria, the same effect can be achieved by replacing a couple of brushes 500 mm to 530 mm. The most important thing is to make sure that resizing the wipers will not lead to their engagement with each other and will not block operation of the wiper mechanism.

Material gum janitors

A cleaning element (elastic) janitors must simultaneously meet several requirements: to be flexible in cold weather and in hot weather, to have a sufficient wear resistance and be resistant to aggressive liquids. In this regard, the chemical composition of the rubber of the wiper blades are continually improved, it introduces new components. Practiced adding rubber silicone Teflon, the introduction of rubber graphite, the application of a special coating broowaha. We recommend to buy wiper blades in stores, giving preference to trusted brands, and not to chase the cheapness of Chinese goods.It is believed that defective wiper blades should completely clear the glass for 5 strokes. Wish you have they coped with their work much faster! Good you care! No nail, no wand!

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