How to change a tire on the car. Independent replacement wheels

What to do when your car inexorably pulls to one side and heard shuffling on the asphalt run flat tires? To stop and replace the punctured wheel to the spare.

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What to do when your car inexorably pulls to one side and heard shuffling on the asphalt run-flat tires? To stop and replace the punctured wheel to the spare.

stop the vehicle

If I had a flat tire on the way, the first thing to do is to choose a safe place to stop and seek on the side of the road flat land with a relatively hard surface. Next you need to stop, switch off engine, switch on the emergency lights, pull over to the stop the lever of a hand brake, for cars with manual gearbox to re-engage first or reverse gear and with automatic transmission put the control lever in the Parking position.

prep work

Landed from the cabin passengers (even if behind a window with might and main pouring rain or raging winter Blizzard), behind the car, avoid collisions with you from another vehicle, you must install an emergency stop sign. If you have a reflective vest, be sure to put it in. Taking from the trunk a spare tire, Jack and wheel brace under the wheel diagonally from the back side of the flat need to install V-stops. If wheel chocks in the trunk was not found — it does not matter, impromptu stops can be constructed of cobblestones, bricks or stones.

the Weakening of fasteners wheels

Prior to setting up the Jack it is necessary to weaken or, to use experienced drivers, "to break" from the bolts or nuts that hold the wheel bolted to the hub. In most cases, this will require quite considerable effort. To ease this task, you can step on the opposite end of the wheel brace leg, pressing on him the weight of his body. No need to completely Unscrew the mounting bolts or nuts, enough to Unscrew them just a half-turn.

setting the Jack

Be careful when using the Jack! Remember that he never provides a reliable stability of the machine raised, so try to avoid staying under the car standing only on one Jack. Before install the Jack and they raise the car body postrequires in case of saskachewan machine with Jack – placed under the body near the Jack extracted from the trunk "spare tire". Place to install the Jack is on the bottom rear of the front wheel or in front of the rear wheel: the frameless car, they will have a piece of metal of a seam, and frame the same cars in this place is marked with a triangular cutout in the frame. If under the heel of the Jack is soft ground, to give a lifting tool will help the stability of the stone, a piece of Board or even an old Shoe out of the trunk.

the Suspension wheel

Jacking the vehicle, you need to carefully monitor the stability of the structure. In the event of a roll lifting Jack or lifting it at an angle it is necessary to lower the vehicle and achieve the correct installation of the lifting device. Raising the car to a height sufficient for hanging wheels, note that the inflated tire has a larger diameter than lowered, and therefore "poddomkratit" need to machine until between the wheel and the ground surface is not formed a lumen about the size of 100-150 mm.

Replacement wheels

Next, you need to Unscrew wrench bolts or the wheel nuts while being careful not to drop them on the ground to avoid contact with the threaded surface of the soil. Emergency removing wheel and replacing it with "spare tire", you need to wrap back fasteners. Much effort to make it is not necessary, in order not to destabilise the Jack raised the car body. Releasing the Jack, you need to tighten bolts or nuts in order "criss-cross" (for wheels with 4-point mount) or through a single "star" (wheels with 5-point mounting). Don't be afraid to exert a considerable effort, carving this load is guaranteed to withstand. Hiding all the tools and damaged wheel in the trunk, removing the triangle and turning off the "emergency gang", we can safely start a journey! Good you care! No nail, no wand!

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