How to determine the condition of the car engine color exhaust

In color and consistency of the exhaust gases is possible with high probability to judge technical maintenance and its major systems.

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In color and consistency of the exhaust gases is possible with high probability to judge about the technical state of engine and its key systems. Ideally, the car with fully working engine, the exhaust gases are invisible, but in practice it happens that the color of smoke from the exhaust pipe varies in a very wide range from white to bluish and bluish to black. The reasons of occurrence of "colored" smoke – incomplete combustion of fuel getting to the cylinders of the engine engine oil or coolant.

White color

Immediately want to warn: do not panic, if immediately after starting of the engine from the muffler white smoke. In most cases, it's just vapor. In cooled during the night the exhaust system of the engine there is condensation of water vapor. With the beginning of operation of the engine hot exhaust gases passing through the exhaust system, heat it and a small amount of the stored liquid evaporates and is discharged together with the burnt fuel through the exhaust pipe. The colder the outdoor air and the higher the humidity, the more will be thick and visible white cloud of steam. If, however, as the heating of the engine and its exhaust system white smoke does not disappear, you should check whether the combustion chamber coolant. Most often this happens when damage to the gasket between the head and the cylinder block.

a Bluish-grey color

Blue is the color of the exhaust gas into the company's high flow engine oil – evidence of engine wear, when in the combustion chamber and cylinders with combustible mixture burns oil, which should not be there. As it enters the cylinders? Through maslosemnye valve caps because of the loss of rubber elasticity. Often due to poor fuel quality ring pistons zakarapattya and lose their mobility, whereby the engine oil is completely removed from the cylinder walls and burns together with the fuel. In addition to the occurrence and wear the piston rings in the engine operation become thinner cylinder walls, leading to lower compression and oil getting into the combustion chamber. The result is blue smoke from the exhaust pipe and excessive oil consumption.

Black color

Typically, the exhaust gases stains in black soot, which appears in them due to incomplete combustion of fuel. If pronounced black exhaust came out of the visit of the gas station, hence the quality of the fuel poured into the fuel tank, not only leaves much to be desired – it is a threat to the health of your engine, so the best thing you can do in this situation – get rid of the fuel in the tank and flushing the fuel system. Another cause of black smoke from the exhaust – failure of the electronic engine management system. Unstable operation of the system for quality control of the combustible mixture and combustion efficiency of fuel often leads to pereobulsya the fuel mixture by reducing the share of air. For this reason complete combustion of the banal lack oxygen, unburned or incomplete burned fuel turns into soot. Noticing the change of color of the exhaust gases of a vehicle, do not let the situation take its course – be sure to visit a service center or service station. Clean exhaust of your car, and you — good luck!

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