How to perform a left turn at the intersection. The details of implementation left turn

Turn left is one of the most dangerous maneuvers, as fraught with departure on an oncoming traffic strip. Consider all the details of its implementation.

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Depending on the type of intersection and from that, you're moving on a main road or secondary, the procedures for the left turn will be different in each case.

the Green light or main road

In the case of crossing traffic at a permissive signal of a traffic light or when the road on which you move, is the main, must give way to all vehicles traveling in the opposite lane. This is the main difference between the left turn from the right turn, which does not have to cross oncoming traffic. Approaching the intersection at which you must perform a left turn, you must move into the left lane and turn left turn signal. Smoothly reducing the speed, you need to get closer to the center of the crossroads, continue in your lane. If oncoming traffic is far enough necessary to drive to the very centre of the crossroads there – you can start to twist the steering wheel to the left and proceed to left turn, barely driving the front wheels crossing carriageways (trajectory 1). In this case the turning radius will be large enough, not requiring active operation of both the steering and the speed of rotation is moderately high. If in the opposite lane in the immediate vicinity of moving vehicles should stay about 2 meters to the geometric center of the intersection, or the axis cross roads — call it what you want. This will provide space for rolling of the vehicle before turning. When the intersection will enter the car, after which the planned maneuver performance, it is necessary to enable transfer and to start the movement with straight wheels. After passing an oncoming car in motion you need to turn the steering wheel to the left and execute a left turn (trajectory 2). This technique turn will enable faster cross the oncoming traffic and will eliminate the likelihood that the car will get stuck in the middle of the intersection with the engine stalled while starting off. Upon completion of the left turn maneuver it is important to give way to pedestrians crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing at the intersection.

is Equivalent to the intersection

Despite the fact that in the city are equivalent to small intersections with relatively low traffic intensity, the performance of maneuver of the left turn on them is complex because it involves the need to cross three lanes of different direction. Arriving at a junction and taking a left, you must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk at the beginning of the intersection and cars approaching the intersection on your right. You should not leave in the middle of the intersection, waiting for traffic in the opposite lane, as in this case there is a risk that your vehicle will enter the vehicle moving left or right. Before the commencement of the left turn it is better to stay before crossing roadways, and only convinced of the safety maneuver to enter the intersection and during one visit to perform a left turn.

and Minor road sign "Give way"

That you are approaching an intersection on a secondary road, you will be notified by means of a sign "Give way", installed before the intersection. An indispensable condition of his safe passage is mandatory vstuplenie roads all road users (vehicles and pedestrians). Riding up to the line of intersection of carriageways, stopping and making sure his maneuver we do not interfere with other vehicles, it is necessary to perform a left turn, necessarily passing pedestrians as the intersection and after it. Good luck and safe left turns of any complexity!

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