How to build a garage. In the garage was convenient and safe

On how well equipped the garage is directly related to the safety and health of both the iron horse and its owner.

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the Walls, floor and gates

In most cases, the walls of the garages made of brick, sometimes for walls using cinder and concrete blocks. In any case, every owner wants that the inner surface of the walls of the garage not full of seams of the brickwork, and was neatly trimmed. When choosing finishing materials, it should be borne in mind that the temperature and humidity in the garage oscillate in a rather wide range of values, and hence the materials, which finished garage wall, will be subject to significant challenges. The main criterion in choosing the material for the walls is not so much its aesthetic quality (though they are important), and its practicality and durability. Finishing materials should not ignite, and even better if they are fire resistant. They should be easy to clean and wash, do not absorb odors. Based on the foregoing, in our opinion, the best option will finish plastering the walls then painting. The floor in the garage should be durable and resistant to mechanical stress, so it is best if it will be self-leveling concrete. If you really want to put his tiles, make sure that it was not slippery. The most popular garages metal gates are made by welding. The reason is the durability. However, with proper care, wooden will serve no less. There are also combination gate, in which the attaching and supporting structures made of metal, and the other elements are wood. Slowly spreading and automatic gates, tilt-up, sectional, sliding and swinging.

Cellar and a viewing hole

There is no doubt that in the garage cellar greatly simplifies the storage of food reserves for the winter, freeing up huge space in the apartment. Besides, temperature of the cellar is best suited for storage of vegetables, fruit, and preservation of various preparations. A viewing hole or overpass in the garage will allow the individual to perform maintenance and simple (and even complex) repairs. Despite the apparent convenience, a cellar and a viewing hole can serve as sources of moisture, capable of a few seasons to turn the car body is almost rust bucket with multiple centers of corrosion. Therefore, if the groundwater in your area are quite high, I should think about, do I need a cellar in the garage and inspection pit?

Ventilation and thermal protection

Any garage should be equipped with Plenum-exhaust ventilation. And it is not only and not so much in the care of normal humidity, which we just talked about, how much about your health and safety, the Main purpose of ventilation in the garage to avoid poisoning pairs of gasoline and exhaust gases of the vehicle. The most simple form of ventilation is natural, using the temperature difference between inside the garage and outside. For this purpose in the walls of the garage must be made a minimum of two vents: intake and exhaust. The distance between them on the diagonal must be at least 3 meters the Most common embodiment of the ventilation holes on the right and left of the gate, at a height of about 30 and 180 cm. The garage is cold in winter, care should be taken about the insulation of the garage door through which leaves the bulk of the heat. Most often the gate is glued from the inside by thick Styrofoam sheets with further finishing.


Placement in the corners of the garage lamps, are provided with separate switches will allow efficient use of electricity. Take care of the source of light over the engine compartment of the car, placing it so that the shadow from the open bonnet didn't fall on the hood. Do not forget to hang the lamp over a work Desk. To use electrical incandescent lighting for garages unsafe and uneconomical. Prefer fluorescent, halogen or led light sources. Equip each wall of the garage a few electrical outlets, and in the working zone shall not be less than three.

Workspace and shelving

For comfortable work in the garage needs a working area. In most cases, it consists of two - or three-tier workbench, Cabinet and bench for storing tools. Be sure to install on a workbench table vices – in some cases they are simply irreplaceable. Reserved for shelving the entire right wall of the garage. If the length of the garage allows, install racks and shelves on the wall facing the hood of the car. Don't forget the space over the gate, in most garages, it is empty, although there are very comfortable to accommodate long items and tools. The tools used most often should be placed in easily accessible sections of shelving. Don't forget about the space above the car – attach the brackets to the ceiling or hanging a small shelf at the top of the garage can accommodate not heavy objects and materials. Properly equipping the interior space of the garage you will provide the vehicle with proper storage conditions, and will provide convenience and comfort while performing various kinds of repair work. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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