How to perform a daily inspection of the vehicle. On what to look for before you exit

A few minutes spent on daily maintenance of the vehicle, will pay off handsomely, saving while moving your nerves, health and even life.

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How often before leaving the garage you check tire pressure? And the oil level or brake fluid? Sure — most will say that from time to time. The purpose of this publication is not the creation of new provisions for maintenance of rolling stock of road transport and exchange of own operating experience of several generations of cars: the VAZ "penny" — to the modern miracle of a foreign auto industry.

Levels of oil and process liquids

Before starting the engine, check the oil level in the crankcase by removing the dipstick and making sure the strip of oily liquid on the line is exactly between the min and max marks. Check the level of antifreeze fluid in the reservoir of the hydraulic brake and clutch, do not be lazy and look at the washer reservoir the windscreen, because the smearing on the surface of the windshield of dirt the wiper blades in conditions of drizzle – not a sight for the faint of heart. In case of a fall of the liquid level in the tanks of engine (except washer) ask yourself about why it happened and try to find the leak yourself, or call a car service. Get a useful habit to study the surface pavement or soil in the car, after driving her a few feet. Oily stains left by your car beneath, are a worrying signal about the leakage of one or another process fluid.

Lighting and light signalling

While the engine is warming up, check the lights, wipers and washers windshield. Driving a car with faulty indicators or inoperative brake lights in heavy city traffic can easily lead to traffic accident.

Body glass and rear view mirror

Do the "ritual" the circle, beating the car and considering his body to detect previously unnoticed damage to the body, at the same time check the strength of fixing of the registration plate, headlamps and tail lamps. Do not forget to look at the tires. It is hardly necessary to be a car mechanic to distinguish the flat wheel from normal. Wipe clean windshield and rear glass, side mirrors, lights and light-signalling. Make sure that the license plate is not covered with a layer of dirt and is easy to read. If the car is heavily soiled, either wash it yourself or driving to the sink.

Check clutch, brakes and steering

Squeeze the clutch, turning gear and starting the movement, ensure that the transfer switches silently and the clutch is not stuck. Gently, but firmly pressing on the brake pedal, check the brake system. In the case of the steering column in a noticeable backlash, do not tempt fate – seek help from professionals.Carrying out daily inspection of the vehicle, some of the above items you can skip and perform them each time you exit the Parking garage or from the Parking lot, but the frequency still must be followed. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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