How to choose leather car seats. So the cabin was cozy

Seat covers are designed to protect the upholstery from wear and contamination. From the correctness of their choice depends largely on cleanliness, comfort and coziness in the vehicle interior.

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Universal, model and custom tailored

The most common type of leather car seat covers are universal. They are easy to find in any half-decent auto parts store. They are represented by models of various colors and shades, different materials and their combinations. The cost of universal covers varies over a wide range, so is not difficult to choose a set based on their financial capabilities. The lack of universal covers is the inability to arrange them so that they densely cover the seat, perfectly repeating their form. And pulling on the seat covers sometimes causes confusion among inexperienced motorists. Model covers are made for specific car models, so you sit on the "seats" perfectly. Unlike universal, model seat covers have a special, calibrated accurately sized incisions in the locations of airbags, but because in case of road transport accident will not hamper their operation and disclosure. The only drawback of the model covers a limited number of models and colors. Car seat covers tailor-made or sewn to order to individual measures taken by a specialist with the car seats. The choice of material, color scheme, design and decoration completely depends on the owner of the machine, and therefore each set of covers will be almost exclusive. These covers will sit on the seats like a glove, they harmoniously fit into the interior of the car, making it individual and unique. As you may have guessed, covers the cost of individual tailoring will be the highest.


To the material from which made the seat covers, the requirements are higher. Besides aesthetics, it needs a good clean, to be hygienic, wear-resistant and durable. The threads that stitched the covers to avoid contamination of the welds should be treated with a special impregnation. The most popular material for car seat covers is the velour. The popularity of the velour seat covers because of their relatively low cost, their soft fleecy surface prevents slipping of the body, which is important, especially for the driver. In winter, these covers are not cold, and the summers are not hot. The only drawback of the covers velour – insufficient rigidity, durability and the need for regular cleaning and washing. Licantropia (faux suede) covers have the same value as the velour, but unlike them, strong and durable. Naturally, their price is much higher than velour. Widespread and tissue-covers of tapestry or autorecord. They are durable, resistant to abrasion and easy to clean.Although they have a drawback – they do not absorb liquid, so on a hot summer afternoon stay in the cabin could hardly be called comfortable. The problem is solved simply enough – quality automotive fabric equipped with a thin layer of foam rubber, which provides free circulation of air and absorb moisture. Covers from automotive leather (imitation leather) easy to clean, since cleaning the contaminated area is enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth. The comfort of these cases is a very contentious issue, so most of leatherette cases perform the combination, with inserts of automotive fabrics. The simplest and most inexpensive means to protect car seats is the use of covers, t-shirts, made of wear-resistant and durable synthetic fabrics. Due to the elasticity of the material from which they are made, covers, t-shirts will be ideal to sit in the car seat even the most intricate designs. We wish you a successful choice! Let the car be comfortable for you and your passengers!

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