How to write an ad to sell a used car

Very often pre-owned vehicle long for sale not because of high prices or poor condition of machinery and because of malformed ads.

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Very often a used car is sold a long time not because of high prices or poor condition of machinery and because of malformed ads. When choosing a used vehicle, whether a car or a masterpiece of the domestic auto industry, potential buyers in the first place made selection of ads with the appropriate price, then the future owners appreciate the appearance of the vehicle through the study of ad attached to the photos and only then they read the text announcement.


The easiest way to evaluate your car – you can conduct your own marketing research. It will suffice to examine two or three dozen ads of similar cars. Performing a comparative analysis greatly facilitates the preparation of a comparative table, on the columns which you want to put the details of cars from viewed ads, and in the lines — the year of production, mileage, exterior color, technical condition, equipment and installed additional equipment. With such a table, and evaluate competitive advantages of your car, and its shortcomings, to determine the selling price of the car will not make special work.


To Shine after washing the car and moving in the cabin in perfect order, it is necessary to conduct a photo session. Photographing it is desirable to perform during the day, not Sunny and not cloudy and slightly cloudy weather. Be sure to lock the front, rear and side underbody, vehicle interior, instrument panel. To photograph need not only the benefits (DVR, Navigator, new tires and wheels), but also clear disadvantages, to eliminate which did not have enough time, desire or finances (rust on arches and scratches on the wing or the crack in the glass). You know – unnecessary photos will not happen, therefore taking away from them the good and (the ability) is conjured on them in a graphics editor, should be listed in their ad the maximum number.

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From originality and non-standard text announcements of sale of second-hand car depends, whether it will attract the attention of a potential buyer or he, indifferently his eyes hardly half, will move to the next. The original text does not mean the absence of exact specifications, and completed service after maintenance, repair, and replacement of assemblies and parts. Complete and comprehensive information contained in the ad, no doubt, will increase the trust of the buyer to your offer. Starting with the brand and model of machine, then you need to specify the mileage and year of manufacture, body type, engine volume and fuel consumption on 100 km After that it is necessary to describe the state of the car body, engine and running gear. Many buyers interested in the condition of the rubber, the presence of seasonal "footwear for the machine". Mandatory must be a block with information about the car with a detailed description of its interior and installed additional electronic equipment. When writing text ads, it is important to remember that it must be advertising, the advantages of your car it must be emphasized, casually mentioning the drawbacks. It is important not to hide defects or damage and not give the car a non-existent advantage, as when inspecting the car deception will inevitably be exposed. The ad text should not contain grammatical errors, take advantage of the vast Network of numerous services spelling. In the final part of the ad you want to place the maximum possible number of channels through which prospective buyers would be able to contact you: enter the numbers of fixed and mobile phones, email, ICQ number and Skype. Left to publish the announcement of the sale and prepare for the barrage of calls, an avalanche of emails and the incessant requests via ICQ or Skype. Good luck to you! Let your used car sold quickly and profitably!

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