How to choose a car Jack. The choice of hoist for the car

When choosing the Jack for the car from the many available on the market lifting devices, you need to know all about them as the advantages and disadvantages.

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Mechanical jacks

Vertical screw Jack is an arm of the tieback secured to the screw. Depending on the direction of rotation of the screw-shoulder pick-up moves it up or down. The most common representative of this family of jacks is a Jack, which is equipped with a Zhiguli "classics". Its functionality is limited, because the wings of this Jack may only be inserted in four special groove in the bottom, placed near the wheel arches. Replaced vertical came horizontal diamond-shaped screw Jack, which, as its name implies, the screw is positioned horizontally. During rotation it compresses or decompresses the two arms attached by hinges. At the top of the hinges there is a pickup, the height of which depends on the value of a break of the shoulders. Diamond jacks is equipped with most modern cars. Their popular diamond-shaped jacks in no small degree indebted to the easy operation, light weight, compact size and affordable price. Have its drawbacks: low (about 40%) efficiency, restriction of 1500 kg lift weight, low stability and the necessity of using wheel stops. At the moment there is diamond jacks, the screw of which is driven by a motor, powered from the onboard network of the car, and from 220 V. In addition to screw-in the family of mechanical jacks have rack and pinion and another, consisting of the wings and vertical slats with holes or teeth. Moving the pickup vertically occurs by rotating a toothed gear or rocker arm. The advantages of rack and pinion jacks are in their high (above 80%) and the highest efficiency among all mechanical screw jacks lifting capacity.

Hydraulic jacks

The basis for the hydraulic jacks of the mortgaged property of incompressibility of the fluid (hydraulic oil) and the principle of communicating vessels. In vertical (bottle) hydraulic Jack axis of the working cylinder is placed vertically and its piston directly connected to the pickup Jack. Its efficiency reaches 80%, and because the impact of the lever on the pump plunger requires a relatively small physical effort. Ease of use bottle Jack to ensure its smooth lifting and lowering, and the accuracy of fixation at the correct height. Due to the large area supports a vertical hydraulic Jack stable, besides it is versatile and quite compact, and the carrying capacity of some of its models can reach 100 tons. Storage and transportation of the bottle of Jack, to prevent leakage of the working fluid, must be produced strictly in a vertical position. Many don't like the slowness, but it is perhaps its only drawback. Rolling hydraulic Jack in which the axis of the working cylinder is placed almost horizontally, is a cart on wheels. During lifting the Jack lever is lifted, and the Jack as he rolled under the car. It is very important that the surface to work with Jack was smooth and hard. Indispensable jacks for cars with little ground clearance, because their initial height is small enough. At the same time, they have a high maximum lifting height, which will undoubtedly come in handy for complex car repair. Jacks are noticeably faster than their vertical counterparts, however, have considerable weight and size, and therefore mainly used as a stationary lifting devices.

Pneumatic jacks

The working fluid in the pneumatic Jack is the air. It is he, filling the volume of the working cylinder moves the piston with a pick-up or pillow fills the air, increasing its size. For fixed option pneumatic Jack, you need a compressor forcing air into it. Portable pneumatic jacks are filled or gases from the exhaust pipe, or compressed air from a portable compressor, powered from the onboard network of the car. The advantages of pnevmomaketov – speed lift, stability and ease of placement under vehicles with low ground clearance.

Summing up

Choosing the Jack, please note its capacity is hardly lifting device long can in the limit of their capacity, lift height of the Jack should be sufficient for hassle-free removal of any wheels, and the height of the pickup was guaranteed to lower the ground clearance of your car even when loaded. For passenger car optimal choice would be a mechanical diamond-shaped, small portable hydraulic or pneumatic jacks, not occupying much space in the trunk of a car. The owner of the van or truck will need the Jack either hydraulic or rack and pinion. Moving and stationary hydraulic pneumatic jacks will be very helpful in the garage, the point of the tire or one HUNDRED. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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