How to choose and use car sealant

To replace the gasket between the parts, to eliminate the flow of fluid to seal the tyre paribanou – all of this can automotive sealant.

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automotive sealant

The basis of anaerobic sealants are esters of dimethacrylate, thanks to them, these seals are in contact with the oxygen remains in a liquid state, but it is worth it to get into narrow metallic gap in the absence of oxygen, they quickly harden into a polymer. Anaerobic sealants are highly resistant to corrosive environments, vibration and corrosion, can operate in a wide temperature range of -600 C to +3000 C. the Viscosity of these sealants will allow their use in the gaps from 0.05 to 0.5 mm. The use of anaerobic sealants sets strict requirements to the uniformity of the thickness of the joint, which is why the vast majority of them are extremely professional. For beginners and enthusiasts is more appropriate silicone sealants, manufactured using low molecular weight silicone rubbers. The polymerization process occurs under the influence of moisture contained in the air. These sealants are characterized by high elasticity, excellent adhesion to metals and most materials, the valid values of operating temperature are as anaerobic sealants, from -600 C to +3000 C, and the magnitude of the gap, which can be handled silicone sealant, can reach 0.7 mm. Sealants based on synthetic resins are rare, and therefore considered in the publication will not be.

surface Preparation

Before using automotive sealant mating surface must be carefully prepared, as this largely will depend on the reliability and efficiency of the connection. If the surface has previously been treated with sealant, they must thoroughly and carefully clean away the old layer of sealer. Avoid to connect the details scratches, do not use abrasives or sharp objects. The surface of the parts before applying the sealer must be degreased using white spirit, thinner or benzine.

Using sealant

When you use anaerobic sealant, apply it on the surface of the part can be slowly, because its polymerization does not begin until, while access of air. The situation is quite different with silicone sealant: it should be applied in the shortest possible time, because the solidification starts from the moment of its contact with air. It is recommended to apply sealant to the surface of only one of the connected parts, so if needed you simplify the procedure of removal. Make sure that the thickness of the sealant layer was about 1 mm, and the gasket was arranged in the form of a continuous straight line, without gaps and gaps. When using silicone sealer, to give an applied layer of sealer to dry for 15 minutes before assembling the components. If the surface of the part was applied anaerobic sealant, installation can begin immediately. Connecting parts, it is recommended to wait 20 minutes and then perform final tightening of mounting bolts. Although the scope of automotive sealants are extremely broad, they are highly specialized, so it is not recommended to seal the glass sealant, designed for the connection of parts of the cooling system, and the puncture in the tyre to seal the sealer for threaded connections. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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