How to store a car outdoors

Leaving your car in the outdoor area, care must be taken as to his safety and on the protection from adverse climatic effects.

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To prevent theft try to choose a Parking lot so that it is visible from the Windows of your apartment. Equipping the vehicle with a security alarm must be taken for granted. Looks very tempting the idea to put the iron horse under the tree to create its foliage, the shadow was protecting the paintwork and tyres from the scorching rays of the sun. Where is the guarantee that during the strong wind on your pet will not overwhelm the broken branch and the tree entirely? Besides the tree branches love birds sit and their metabolic products falling on the roof or hood of a car, suffers not only the aesthetic appearance of the machine — bird droppings represent a fairly aggressive environment, able to quickly destroy the paint layer of the body, especially if it has cracks. Don't place the machine close beside the Windows of apartment buildings, as cigarette butts and litter that is thrown on top of careless tenants can cause significant harm to your pet. For the same reason, avoid Parking in the immediate vicinity of the house in which repair or construction work. In order not to spend money on body repairs, do not leave the car for a long time, near garbage cans, because in the process of unloading not excluded the risk of getting on the back of large pieces of debris. Be prepared for the fact that your car parked next to the motorways heating, gas and water or just closing them to travel, emergency services in case of emergency simply roughly pushed to the side.

Protection from adverse environmental conditions

To protect the machine from damaging UV rays, precipitation as rain and snow during storage outdoors will help tonneau cover. Be aware that cloth or canvas covers can protect the vehicle only from the scorching rays of the sun. In damp and wet weather they do more harm than good, because adhering to the surface of the body wet fabric not only prevents its rapid drying, but in most cases becomes the reason of occurrence of rust and paint blisters on the back of the machine. That's why fabric for car cover should be waterproof, the cover must be placed on props, providing air ventilation between itself and the body of the car. If the frame for the cover is not, between the body and the case you need to get small blocks or other suitable items. Make sure that the Parking lot was located away from the puddles, otherwise passing cars going every time to douse the body of your car is not a medicinal liquid, and dirty water, accelerating corrosion of metal. The rules are simple, performing them your iron friend will feel great even when stored under the open sky, remaining in excellent condition, safe and sound!

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