How to use light devices of the car

Headlights, taillights, fog lights and the indicator needed to ensure traffic safety. The duty of the driver to use them properly.

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Headlights, taillights, foglights and indicators necessary to ensure traffic safety. The duty of the driver to use them properly.

main and dipped beam headlights

There is no more trouble on the road, than to be blinded by the headlights of an oncoming car. After the blinding vision is restored immediately, few seconds later the driver is virtually blind, for this time the car drove a few tens of meters and the situation on the road for those few seconds can change dramatically, up to emergency. Very important is the correct adjustment of the headlights, but it will do nothing if the driver is approaching an oncoming vehicle does not switch high beam headlights on dipped, ignoring not only the rules of the road, but rules and driving ethics. Blind driver can not only counter, but also moving in the same direction of the machine. Headlights behind the car from blinding the driver through the rear view mirror. It happens and the car approaches the car and during the manoeuvre of overtaking. Use the car in front, you need some time to blink distant light, and then switch to dipped headlights. To include a left turn and start to perform the overtaking. Coming up with the overtaken car, you can switch between low and high beams (if there are no oncoming cars!), and the driver of the overtaken car at this time must switch to dipped headlights to avoid dazzling the driver of the car, the final overtaking.


The indicators must be powered before maneuvering to the other drivers managed to see the orange flashing light sidelight and properly react to the changed situation. "Turn signals" when used wisely can become an indispensable helper when overtaking, especially if you need to overtake a truck or a road train, and the road is narrow and one lane. If the driver in front "trucks", seeing that you are going to overtake, flashing left turn, it means that it is now impossible to overtake – in front of an oncoming car. Flashing the right turn will be your invitation to overtake and signal that the road is clear for the manoeuvre. Separate conversation – about the alarm. Not all drivers, going back from the parks or the narrow exit, include "emergency gang." And it is in vain, because the light flashing both direction indicators guaranteed attracts the attention of other road users, in a timely manner alerting them of your maneuver.

Fog lights

Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the internal parabolic reflector, the light from the fog lights comes in the form of a downward-wide beam of light for maximum illumination and not dazzling the drivers of oncoming cars. Use fog lights in conditions of poor visibility (fog, rain, snow, hail, smoke or dust) can separately, or in combination with dipped beam or main beam headlights, but in the dark the fog lights can only be switched on together with the main light. Only use fog lights at night to illuminate the road is prohibited. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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