How to overcome fear of driving. Fear on wheels

In parallel with the rapidly increasing number of motorists, with slower but still growing number of people decide to get behind the wheel of a car.

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Where does the feeling of fear

One of the main causes of panic and fear of driving is fear of doing while driving that something is wrong, thereby creating an emergency situation or an accident, putting his own health at risk or the lives of their passengers and other road users. Many are afraid for the car, especially if it is from the category of expensive. Ignorance of the processes occurring in the systems and mechanisms of a vehicle during driving, also cause fear before the management of this "black box". Weak and uncertain knowledge of traffic rules, road signs and markings, lack of a sense of the size of the car, little experience of driving on busy streets or not its absence, boorish attitude of some experienced drivers to stalled at the traffic lights to the beginner – this is not a complete list of reasons for which a "green" motorist is afraid to drive the vehicle and sitting behind the wheel of a car, doused with cold sweat on the whole trip.

is the Study of the SDA and equipment

Yes, it is the study, because the level of knowledge provided in driving in real traffic environment will be, to put it mildly, is not enough. So you don't have to feverishly think about the meaning of a sign, not to use the technique of "brainstorming", trying to remember what a place to Park or to perform an overtaking. The rules of the road need not just to learn, they need to comprehend and understand. Separate conversation about the device. Hardly can be called a comfortable ride on the vehicle, the principles of which have remained to you a mystery. Just in case you will be clear about the processes occurring when pressing on the brake pedal, squeezing the clutch or the gearshift, the car's behavior will become clear to you and in most cases predictable.

is"Lapping" to the driver's seat

Take some time and find out from your busy life schedule 20-30 minutes for a few sessions of getting used to the driving position so beloved of the car. What are they? Adjust the location and angle of his seat, set the steering wheel so that its upper edge is hidden from the eyes of the dashboard, adjust the mirrors to assess the traffic situation behind the car was not turning the head from side mirrors to the rearview mirror, and it would be enough just think. Without starting the engine, squeeze the pedal, switch with transmission in gear, turn on-turn off turn signals and headlights. The body needs on a subconscious level to develop individual motor skills to perform each of the operations on driving. Then you don't have to look away from the road, trying to find a clutch pedal or lever of the switch a headlight on near.

First rides

It is important to choose the right time for early departures. It doesn't have to be "peak hours" when traffic density is incredibly broad and every step of the formed tube. It is undesirable to go at night, in rain or fog, when visibility is worse. The best option is early morning or evening hours before dusk, when the road is perfectly visible, and transport on it a bit. Pay attention to the elaboration of the route. Make it so that a large part of the way had on the streets with minimal traffic lights and road junctions, even if the road will take more time and, therefore, will burn more gasoline. It was only later, with the acquisition of driving skills and the emergence of psychological comfort, you can choose the route, regardless of its complexity. Great, if during the first trips near you is experienced and level-headed driver, is able to warn, help and advise. Equip the car with a special sign in the form of a triangle with the letter "U" and try not to pay attention to the barrage of sound from behind standing cars with their drivers hurrying off. Even if you have "stalled" at the crossroads or switched to the wrong lane, calmly and without haste start the engine and perform the desired maneuver. Instead of one intricate and complex maneuver, try to follow a few simple steps, clear other traffic participants.Believe me — the experience and skills of car control when systematic riding on it purchased quickly. Along with them will come the confidence and peace of mind, and the old fears will vanish far away! Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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