How to recognize the mileage on the speedometer of a car

When buying a used car absolutely everyone is interested in his mileage. Do not rush to trust the numbers on the odometer — in most cases they are stranded.

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When buying a used car everything interested in his run. Do not rush to trust the numbers on the odometer — in most cases they are stranded.

why is twisted run

"Adjustment" odometer reading performed in two directions: increasing the counter or reducing. Wind the figures, increasing the mileage of the car in the border areas of Western Europe, to import it into neighbouring Eastern countries to reduce the costs of customs clearance of the car. Upon completion of the necessary formalities, before selling the numbers on the odometer are twisted in the opposite direction. As a result the car as they rolled along the roads of 300 thousand kilometers, turns into a relatively new and not worn from mileage to 80-90 thousand. It also happens that the mileage of the car with 80 thousand kilometers clocked up to 110-120 in order to sell it as such, for which all the necessary maintenance work, focusing the potential buyer on the lack of necessary investments in the car for the foreseeable future.

As the "correct" mileage

Twisted readings of all odometers — both mechanical and electronic. The process of correction of the mechanical counter is the easiest: from the gearbox disconnected the speedometer cable, and then secure it in the Chuck of an electric drill, wind the readings in the desired direction to the desired value. To detect this method of cheating can be by looking under the bottom of the car. On the background of dirty and dusty gearbox clean nut of fastening of a drive of the odometer will immediately catch the eye. Modify the readings with a mechanical counter and by complete disassembly, exposing in the process of reassembly of the odometer wheel in the desired position. Of such intervention in the operation of the device often shows the location of the numbers in one line, and in the scatter, when one digit above and one below, etc. moreover, after complete disassembly of the speedometer on the details of its mounting inevitably there are traces of tools, which can be seen upon careful examination. For twisting electronic odometers used in more intelligent ways. Modify the information in a memory module of the electronic odometer can, sending it via adapter rectangular electrical pulses. This information can simply erase the odometer, instead of writing her own. For this you will need to connect the speedometer to the computer and special software. Soldered to the electronic circuit of the odometer new chip, wires connecting to a separate button. In this case, to set the mileage value can be almost arbitrary. Moreover, there are companies involved in the twisting and lifting of the mileage of the car without a visit to its owner. Those who wish to rejuvenate or wear out your car for a certain number of miles, to independently remove the instrument panel with the odometer and bring it to the craftsmen. After use, the owner will only have to install back into the car dashboard with new indicators of mileage. Because odometer readings are recorded in the ship's computer, to detect torsion by checking the car in the service center have a competent electronician.When buying a car, you should not unconditionally trust the numbers on the speedometer. To determine the actual mileage of the car there are many reliable and proven methods. Good luck with your purchase!

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