How to determine the actual mileage of the car. Indirect indicators of mileage

Because the numbers on the odometer not always correspond to actual mileage and are simply twisted, when assessing the mileage it is better to use indirect indicators.

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Because the numbers on the odometer do not always correspond to the real mileage and are simply twisted, when assessing the mileage it is better to use indirect indicators.


On a technical condition of the engine can indirectly judge the mileage of the car. Small values of mileage on the speedometer of the car will be very suspicious in combination with the "dead" engine. To determine the degree of deterioration of the engine by the color of exhaust gases. White color will indicate the coolant enters the combustion chamber because of leakage of the gasket between the head and the cylinder block. The exhaust is painted in a bluish color, if due to the loss of elasticity of the valve stem seals or worn oil rings in the combustion chamber together with fuel is combusted engine oil. Black exhaust would indicate over-rich fuel mixture due to the problems in the system of quality control. Lot of talk about the mileage of the car radiator, or rather the front with honeycombs. Cars with mileage over 100 thousand it is bound to have noticeable dents from small stones, sand and gravel. However, the best indicator of the mileage of the car is the exhaust manifold of the engine. Up to 25 thousand mileage it will retain the factory coating and will remain with the same metallic sheen, as he descended from the factory conveyor. After covering a distance of fifty thousand kilometers on the collector forms a light pale red plaque. Dirty red-brown color of the exhaust manifold unmistakably certifies the mileage of the vehicle at not less than 100 thousand kilometers.

Brake discs

Another pointer to the amount of mileage are the brake wheels. The fact is that in the process of brake pad rubs not over the entire area of the brake disc. As a result, the disc wears down unevenly on it's edge remains the edge of nesterovo metal. It is the height of this side experienced mechanics and determine the degree of wear of the brake disc, and hence the approximate mileage of the car. At the same time, nothing prevents the owner before selling the car to grind off the rim using the most common grinders.


By and large, the condition of a body more doesn't indicate the mileage of the car, but about its age and storage conditions. At the same time, a decent amount of small chips, crazing and other damage to the paintwork on the edges and bottom of the doors, the bumper, the a-pillars and front quarter panel appears only after the car "incident" more than a hundred thousand kilometers. Naturally, after repainting the car before selling all defects of the body will be hidden.


All of the elements of the cabin most accurately indicates the mileage of the cars condition driver seat (if it has not been replaced by newer). The fact is that when disembarking from the vehicle, the driver shifts the weight of his body on the left side of the seat, resulting in the padding of the left side experiences compressive strain. It formed stable folds, and with a respectable mileage – cracked. All these defects will be carefully hidden under the new seat covers. Regarding the advice to check the wear of the rubber pads on the pedals, gear lever, steering wheel and other controls, I want to draw your attention to the fact that these details are really worn out with the active use of the car. At the same time, having aimed to sell the car more expensive by understating his run, while competent presales to replace them with new ones is not difficult. The same applies to worn glasses which are either polished or replaced with new.As you've seen, determine the actual mileage of the car on circumstantial evidence, without referring to the testimony of his odometer. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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