How to choose car Navigator. Features of GPS navigators

Order car Navigator provided convenient and comfortable navigation, to the choice of this device should be treated seriously and thoughtfully.

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How does GPS Navigator

The principle of operation in-car Navigator in simplified form looks like this: received via antenna, the signals from four navigation satellites of the Global Positioning System (GPS) is supplied to the processor device, where using the navigation software processed the satellite signals and calculates the current location of the GPS receiver in latitude, longitude, and altitude. The received coordinates are superimposed on loaded into the device memory map of the area and as a result, the screen displayed a map showing the point location of the GPS device, and consequently, your car.

Installable and removable

Installed navigators are available for specific car models and represent the radio with the functions of Navigator. Such devices are installed on the center console in a niche audio players, receiving power from the vehicle electrical system via a standard connector. Removable GPS device made in the form of a tablet, fastened with a bracket and suction cups to the windscreen or to the dashboard. Powered by normal cigarette lighter Jack, although can operate on the internal battery. These devices can be easily dismantled for the purpose of permutation into another car or for use at home.

screen Size

Like the rest of the video, the navigators, it is measured in inches. Exactly the size of the screen depends largely on the usability of this device because the driving conditions to read data from the navigation map, large size is much more convenient and time this would require significantly less. In addition, the larger size of the control elements of the interface considerably facilitates the procedure of the control device (referring to the ease of ingress of a finger). If the Navigator is equipped with the function of video support, it makes sense to opt for a device with a screen size of 7 inches or larger.

Mapping software

When choosing software should be aware that navigation software only works with cards of the format, besides, each of the navigation programs developed for specific brands. System Garmin from Navteq is used by navigators of the same company, iGO navigation software pre-installed on devices from manufacturers TiBO, Pioneer and Mitac. The Navigator GlobalSat, Hyundai and supports system autosputnik. In addition to these, there are also navigation systems Navitel and Visicom, in no way inferior, and in some aspects superior to, the previously mentioned system.

Extra options and functions

The presence of a Navigator's additional features allows you to turn it into a multifunctional device. We list only the most useful of them: built-in DVR, rear view camera, essential when you are reversing in a confined space, TV receiver, playback of media files, built-in Bluetooth and USB interface, FM transmitter, allowing you to transmit audio from the Navigator to car speakers and Handsfree function, giving the opportunity to use your mobile phone hands-free. Choose devices from manufacturers who have longstanding and trusted reputation. In the process of purchasing do not forget the additional accessories: memory card, interface cords and power cables. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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