How to determine the fault mechanism of the clutch by external attributes

Sooner or later clutch fails. Experienced drivers determine a malfunction in the early stages, beginners and slackers to go until the car goes.

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Sooner or later the clutch fails. Experienced drivers determine a malfunction in the early stages, beginners and slackers to go until the car goes. The main symptoms of faulty clutch are incomplete on and off, vibration when turning and noise when turning off, the jerks during the operation of the mechanism.

Incomplete inclusion

A characteristic feature of such a failure is markedly reduced dynamics of the car when the clutch is stuck, therefore, despite the high engine speed, the vehicle accelerates rather sluggishly. Due to the use of high speed engine is overheating, increased fuel consumption. Often there is a characteristic smell of burnt due to excessive heating of the friction linings slave disk as a result of their friction. To the clutch can slip for several reasons, among them are: the weakening or failure of the diaphragm spring excessive wear linings slave disk or fouling its surface, the wear surface of the flywheel, the reliability of the working cylinder or blockage of the channels of the hydraulic drive, sticking the drive cable or the clutch fork.

Partial shutdown

In this case, the motorists say that the clutch "leads": a free running clutch pedal is excessively increased, switch gears with engine running is difficult and accompanied by an unpleasant cracking noise and a screech. Incomplete deenergizing may occur due to wear of the slots of the driven disk or even its deformation, excessive wear or damage of the friction linings, loosening or breakage of the diaphragm spring, the lever system malfunctions and leakage of the hydraulic drive.

Vibration when turning and noise when shutting down

In most cases, the noise when the clutch occurs due to a worn or damaged release bearing because the noise only he can. In the case of occurrence of vibrations when turning on the clutch mechanism causes this phenomenon can be deformation or fouling the slave drive, wear his slots, as well as the deformation of the diaphragm spring. Sometimes vibration can occur in the event of loosening of the engine, therefore, it is useful in such cases to ensure that the motor vehicle is reliably fixed in places of its fastening to the frame.

Jerks during operation

In the event of jamming of the hub of the slave disk on slots primary shaft or the drive mechanism to the clutch jerks arise in the operation of the mechanism. The cause can also be a wear of friction linings slave disk and rivets, so banal and fouling of the surfaces of the pressure plate and flywheel due to splashing of oil from the gearbox or from the engine via the worn seals. Can appear jerky and in the case of warpage or damage to the surface of the pressure disc. In any case, the exact diagnosis can be made only after disassembly of the clutch mechanism and conduct a thorough inspection of its parts and components. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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