How to install a DVR in the car

Car DVR is not enough buy, it is still necessary to properly install, secure, and powered from the onboard network of the car.

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Car DVR is not enough to buy, it is still necessary to properly install, secure, and powered from the onboard network of the car.

Choosing the location

As to the place of installation of the DVR, there are many opinions: some suggest that you place it on the right side of the windshield (passenger side), so as not to cover the operator's view, others insist that a Registrar needs to fix the traffic situation in a form in which it appears before the eyes of the driver, but because it just must be positioned in the left portion of the windshield. We highly recommend to choose to install the centerline of the vehicle, is conventionally carried out through the windshield. Simply put – the DVR should be located in the center of the glass. The chamber of the Registrar should be directed strictly straight and forward at such an angle that it looked at a point which is slightly below the horizon.


For secure attachment of car DVR to the windshield there are two types of mounting: suction Cup and bracket with double sided tape. To have the opportunity to determine which one is more reliable and more functional, when buying a DVR will stop your choice on models, in the configuration that have both kinds of attachment. Fixing the Registrar should be performed on carefully washed, degreased and dry surface of the windshield. The installation process is usually straightforward: after removing the sticky layer with a protective film sufficiently tightly to hold the holder with the contact surface to the windshield or opening on the bracket clip suction Cup, tightly secured with its entire surface against the glass and close the latch to lock the suction Cup. When installing the DVR in the winter, it is recommended to warm up the windshield and surface suction cups or adhesive layer, using a rinsing of hot air from the regular passenger compartment heater.

Connect the power

To power up the DVR by connecting it to wire power to the onboard network, in several ways, depending on whether you have a desire and practical skills. The easiest is to install in the corners of the windshield the plastic hooks on the sticky base, and then fix the supply cable from the Registrar. The disadvantage of this method is that the power cable will be on view, you will agree, not very aesthetically pleasing. The second method is to power the DVR from the lampshade of ceiling lamp. In this case you have to cut off the excess part of the cord, to remove from the ends of the wires insulation and connect them to contacts of the light, observing polarity. Recall that a wire with black insulation is negative, red is positive. Before cutting the cable, ensure that the contact is for the cigarette lighter socket is just the contact, not the adapter, step-down voltage of 12 V onboard supply required by the Registrar up to 5 V. The third way is to run a cable from the Registrar on the perimeter of the windshield, hiding the wiring under the rubber seal. In order to bend the seal from the glass to prevent it from damage it is better to use not a screwdriver, but any thin plastic object, for example, a ruler. Beating the windshield, the supply cable must be hidden in the seam between the front trim panel and a-pillar. Running it under the glove box, reach under the front panel and output to the cigarette lighter socket. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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