How to be in the event of a failure of the clutch. If the clutch refused to

It happens that clutch fails during the trip. How to be in this case? How to get to the nearest garage or service station? Read.

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It happens that the clutch fails during the trip. How to be in this case? How to get to the nearest garage or service station? Read.

Causes of output coupling of the system

The main causes of premature failure of the coupling mechanism are bad habits of some drivers not to fully release the clutch pedal when you start moving, starting at a high engine speed, hold the clutch pedal down in traffic jams and at traffic lights at intersections. With this style of riding experience unavoidable damage and wear linings slave drive or even deformation, premature wear of driven disk splines, wear and subsequent failure of the release bearing, failure of damper springs, the weakening or breaking of the diaphragm spring. Actively wear down the surface of the pressure plate and flywheel. Not so often, but cause incorrect operation of the clutch can be a malfunction of the drive cable and lever system of mechanisms with mechanical drive. The ingress of air into the hydraulic system, the leakage of the working fluid, the malfunction of the working cylinder because of a damaged cuff and blockage of the tubes of the system – these problems can damage the clutch with hydraulic drive. It happens the oiling friction linings slave disk. As the oil gets there? The answer is simple — through defective seals or engine gearbox. In the end, a clutch mechanism may be damaged due to normal wear and tear of its parts, especially if you used aftermarket components of questionable quality. In most cases, the clutch can warn the driver in advance disturbing signals about their unsatisfactory technical condition: it is incomplete or off, during power-up there are tangible vibrations, and when you stop the unpleasant noise or the car surges. If these warnings be disregarded, for the foreseeable future, the moment will come when, despite properly working motor, the machine will not be able to move, because running the motor to allow transfer will be impossible. The only thing that remains to rely in such cases, recovery truck or a tow rope. But if it so happened that for help nowhere to wait, and the passing cars caught not that rare, and non-existent? In this case, to a busy highway or the service center have to drive with a faulty clutch.

Starting space

Before you start to operate the machine in the regime of automotive engineers was grabbing for the head, you must first warm up the engine. With the motor off, you must put the shift lever in a position corresponding to first gear. Somehow, but you will succeed. After turning on the ignition, turn the key in the lock on, for running the starter. If you try the engine start is successful, the car will start moving, and the first few seconds it will move erratically until it reaches a speed of. When the engine speed is equal to the rotational speed of the driven shaft of the gearbox, jerks and stops a car, though, and slowly but surely will continue to move in first gear.

Switch to high gear and back again

Go several miles in first gear is boring and tedious. Possessing the necessary skills and knowledge, with a faulty clutch, you can switch to second gear or even third. All that you need – increasing the engine speed slightly to accelerate the car. Further, slightly releasing the gas pedal, slide the gear lever into neutral, and then fully releasing the gas, place the lever in the direction of the second gear and lightly press on it. After the rotation speed of the driving and driven shafts, the transmission can be eliminated, the lever effortlessly occupy the position corresponding to second gear. Similarly, you can switch to the third speed. Switch to low gear is a little different. Dropping gas, you must push the gearshift lever to the neutral position. Next, you need to do peregazovku – press the gas pedal and then release it. The shift lever needs to be translated in the direction of a lower gear and hold it in that position while pressing lightly on it. After the equation of the rotation speeds of the driving and driven shafts of a transmission needs transmission turns on without any problems. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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