How to choose an automotive glass. How not to buy a fake

Difficulties choice auto glass is caused not only by the abundance of cheap Chinese fakes, but the presence of the marriage market with cheap brands.

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Visited your car in an accident, or glass covered with a network of small cracks from getting a little rock is not so important. Your main task is to choose a quality and reliable automotive glass.

how dangerous is fake

What fake automotive glass has a service life several times smaller than its original counterpart directly the lives of the driver and his passengers in danger. But the property counterfeiting over time, become turbid and besides, even and cause optical distortions significantly impair the driver's view, complicating the perception of traffic conditions. In addition to the above shortcomings, the glass produced artisanal or semi-artisanal way, pretty soon there are scratches from the wiper blades. As a result, the control of such a car becomes tedious and dangerous. Now about the threat to health and life. Branded toughened glass, through special tempering treatment under the influence of strong mechanical loadings, dissolved, scattering into tiny pieces with blunt edges. Glass fake will collapse with formation of rather large pieces of glass with sharp corners and edges, presenting a danger both to the driver and passengers. The most dangerous counterfeit of glass may spontaneously burst or explode a fountain of sharp shards. The cause of their destruction can load small or insignificant temperature changes.

Single-layer and multilayer glass

Single-layer glass, as their name implies, consist of a single layer. Such hardened glass, undergone special heat treatment, the destruction crumble small pieces without sharp edges. Single-layer glass is used mainly for installation in side and rear openings of the body. Laminated glass usually consists of three layers, connected by a transparent polymer film. It when damage to the glass retains fragments of themselves, avoiding injury to driver and passengers. Shattered laminated glass is simply sags down. Due to this property the most widespread "mnogosloinoi" received for the manufacture of windshields.


If at careful visual inspection on the glass surface are detected even minor scratches, cracks, scrapes or chips, from the purchase of this product should be abandoned. Despite the hallmark of a well-known manufacturer, this glass is a factory defect, the seller bought on the cheap with the aim of obtaining profits. The edges of the glass must be carefully polished, and the glass itself does not have foreign inclusions. A sign of quality glass it will be full transparency, with no muddy streaks and optical distortions. The mark in the corner of the glass, engraved, or made by chemical etching, must carry information about the manufacturer, the type of glass WLили T (WL indicates a triplex, and T – tempered), standards and date of manufacture. If on the label there are errors or missing the mark completely, you can not doubt – before you fake.The only advantage of the artisanal glass – its low price, but it is unlikely that the savings when buying a auto glass justifies the potential risk to the health and safety of you and your passengers. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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