How to find the cause of pressure drop in a tubeless tyre. Why deflated

Unlike the bus with a camera, where the cause of the deflated wheel is the fault of the camera or of the valve in a tubeless tyre can be much larger.

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Finding a place for venting

The following method is simple, requires no special equipment and special skills. Cook a soapy solution by mixing water with soap, shampoo or any other detergent to be applied in a thin layer on the entire surface of the tire. This is very convenient foaming pour the cooked mixture in a spray bottle and spray and then coat the soap solution the surface of the wheel. The mortar should be applied not only to the tread area, but also on the side surface of the tire, the area of adhesion of the bead to the wheel rim, the nipple of the nipple and the valve. If the out-flow from the tire air strong enough, where the output of the air immediately appear a large bursting bubbles. If air leakage is negligible, its discovery will have to wait 3-4 minutes. After the specified time on the problem area a large number of small air bubbles.

Puncture protector

The reason of puncture of tire tread – trivial hit the edge vertically protruding nails, screws, or screw a pointed end of the fastening element of any desired configuration. In most cases, the nail or screw remains in the tread that facilitates the search space of a flat tire. Do not rush to pull out of the protector protruding from a foreign object, since the air from the wheel will come out slowly or almost not come at all. In this case the best solution would be to swap the wheel and continue driving to the nearest point of the tire or be directed to the garage. About changing the wheel in case of puncture, we have not mentioned, because this procedure is taken for granted. Repair tires with a punctured protector can do yourself, using a tourniquet or special sealant. In the case of puncture of a large size to restore functionality of the tire is inserted in from the outside "mushroom" made of rubber and is fixed with special glue.

Puncture or cut a tire sidewall

In most cases, the side cut of the tire, paired with the violation of the integrity of the cord, is a "verdict" because it is fraught with destruction due to thermal and mechanical loads encountered during movement. Will not save the provision and installation inside of the tire chamber due to the high probability that the chamber, under pressure, will bubble out at the injured site and burst. In case of a puncture the side of the tire on the inside of the damaged area is patched with subsequent vulcanization. Due to the small thickness of the sidewall repair harness or sealant is not permitted.

the Lack of a tight contact of the tire with the rim of the disk

In this case, most often the air is discharged from the tire due to corrosion of the wheel disc in the rim, as well as in the event of its deformation due to falling into a pit or hitting an obstacle. Please note that from strong blow has often suffered and the lid, on the surface of which is formed a hernia. The tire need to be changed for a new one. Rim, if it is steel stamped and can more or less align with a hammer, restoring the fit to bus him in order subsequently to return to his initial form, "prokatov" at the point of tire or auto service. Cast disk too it is possible to reconstruct the original geometry, however, due to micro-cracks arising during deformation, it loses its strength and reliability.

the Malfunction nipple of the nipple or valve

In operation, during rotation of the wheel, the nipple the nipple is experiencing considerable load of centrifugal forces, is inevitably deformed. Nipple rubber seal wears out and the contact between it and the disc is weakened, opening the access of air from the tire to the outside. The fault is corrected by replacement nipple new nipple on, and do it preferably at each change of car tires. May be bled the air from the tire because of the defective or jammed spool. You should try several times sharply press and release on the spring pin of the valve. If air leakage still continues, the valve should be replaced.Periodically check the tire pressure because the air can slowly come out without any obvious reason, due to natural physical diffusion processes. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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