How to repair a tubeless tire. In a tubeless tyre to seal a puncture

When in transit due to a puncture flat tire tubeless tire, and the "spare tire" in an unfortunate coincidence, the repair can be performed independently.

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the Pros and cons of tubeless tyres

The main difference between tubeless tyres and tyres with cameras their name implies. What is the best tubeless tires? Their main advantage is that to repair the tire with a camera is required to perform its disassembly, repairs tubeless tires in most cases can be performed without removing it from the disk, moreover, in many cases, to seal the puncture in the tire is possible even without removing the wheel from the vehicle. Another advantage of tubeless tyres is that of damaged wheels is the air coming out is not momentary, as in tires with chambers, and for a very long time, pumped up the tire pump to get to the nearest point of the tire. But if the cause of the puncture (nail or screw) in the tread, the motorist may not even guess about the damage to the tyre, at a loss for periodically swapping the air in the tire. There is a "biccamera" and weaknesses. They are afraid of strong shocks, which can lead to depressurization of the tire. For mounting tubeless tires required a special tool and professional skills of the tire. Another disadvantage is to pump up "flying" from the disk bus of a conventional pump is not possible, this operation requires air compressor with the function of Pavlodar.

search the location of puncture

Often when searching for a place of a puncture, special difficulties do not arise, since by visual inspection the nail protruding from the tread, immediately catches the eye. If a foreign object in the tire is missing, come to the aid of a soap solution prepared from detergent, shampoo or soap. If detergents are not available, you can use ordinary water. Applying a soap solution on the protector by means of a spray or spattering people it just on the surface of the wheel, were treated carefully inspect the tire. The puncture site will accurately indicate air bubbles actively (or not) generated in one place the surface of the tread.

Repair tire using sealant

If the wheel sticks out of the object that caused the puncture, no need to rush it out. Spray with a special sealant to repair a tubeless tyre must be connected to the valve and upload its contents inside. After that, a nail from the tire can be removed. After the air rushing out of the bus to get to the hole and the sealant, securely zakuporit puncture. It should be borne in mind that the sealant begins to operate when the pressure at 1 atmosphere, so if the tank pressure is lower, the wheel needs to be pumped up. Resource repaired so the tyre is about 100 km, which will allow without any problems to get to the nearest service point. Because after the repair sealant balancing of wheels is broken, do not press hard on the gas, hoping to quickly get to the promised point of the tire. Best mode speed is moderate, and even better — to move with a speed of about 50-60 km/h.

Using the sealing harness

Everything needed to repair tire using a harness repair kits available at any auto parts store. The set includes two special awl, glue and a few wire harnesses. In order to avoid damage of the cord of the tyre it is necessary to remove the tension in its design, reducing the tire pressure to about half of the atmosphere. In the hole of the puncture awl is inserted into the spiral, and turning it clockwise, is the full passage of the tire at full depth. In addition to removing waste, this operation performs another function: with each turn of the spiral sewed it carefully separates the strands of steel cord and expanding the canal and preparing the way for subsequent manipulation. Before installing the harness into the tyre to remove the spiral awl out of the hole is not necessary! Capturing a wiring installation with an awl at approximately the middle, you need to push the awl on 2/3 of its length into the prepared hole. With him in the place of puncture will be opened and the harness. After pulling up abruptly locating out of the tires, the harness will slip through the slot in the eyelet sewing, and will remain inside the tire. Remained to cut with a sharp knife or two sticking out the end of the bundle flush with the tire and run the tire repaired in operation. Due to the variety of materials used to make and repair harnesses, the repair technology may differ from that described us. For example, some harnesses need to apply some glue, others in the lubricating activator is not needed. In any case, be sure to read the instructions on the packaging of the repair kit. Different are not only bundles, but also the tools: the awl to prepare the hole may not be a spiral, and is made in the form of a miniature round file with a pointed tip, locating the awl hole may not be at the bottom of the eyelet and the side. Be aware that when you use for tire repair. harnesses quality materials, not simply impregnated with an adhesive composition, and having the outer layer with the properties of cold cured, and subject to the technology of repair, repaired after a puncture the tire will last you the rest of the term. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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