How to assess the condition of the vehicle engine without running it

When buying a used car to get a General idea of the technical state of the engine is possible by external features without starting the power unit.

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signs of leaking oil

Much controversy raises the question of whether there should be washed and vitrinnymi to Shine the engine and everything under hood space of the car for sale? The vast majority of the reputable mechanics insist that washed the engine to leak oil. Inspect the cap screws, nuts and washers fasteners, with them to wash off any residual oil rather difficult. If they have kept themselves on old oil stains, and the head and the block of cylinders glisten like a mirror, there is no doubt that a perfectly clean engine soon covered with drips of oil. The engine without any violation of the tightness of the gaskets and connections should not be leaking oil in the area of the valve cover, oil filter, sump, crankshaft pulley and in the joints of the cylinder block, clutch and gearbox. The main cause of oil leakage is the loss of seals or rubber elasticity because of perfect earlier overheating of the engine. Increased pressure in the crankcase due to wear of the piston group can also cause a leak of engine oil. Remember to fully serviceable engine no oil stripes and spots should not be.

assessment of the status of the lubrication system

Remove the oil level dipstick, estimate its level according to the marks the upper boundary of the oil is midway between the marks Mahi min. Rate the transparency of motor oil. It does not matter if it is a little dark, because it collects small particles of the rubbing metal parts. If it is black, the engine is either badly worn or the oil haven't changed. Completely transparent motor oil will witness his recent replacement in the pre-sale preparation. And oil with a touch of cocoa color will unmistakably indicate to get into the crankcase coolant, inspection of such vehicle and now we can finish. Opening the lid of the neck for pouring the oil, look closely at its internal surface. Black paste-like plaque on the testimony of former engine overheating, inconsistencies engine oil or "old age". Positiv flashlight inside the oil filler cap, try to examine the details of the timing: valves, rocker arm and so forth In order a worn motor you will hardly succeed, because they will all be dark grey or black. The defective or last engine overhaul, these details are Golden brown.

cooling system

If on closer inspection of the radiator, on the surface in the area of the filler detected traces of rust, you know that the coolant in it before boiling due to overheating of the engine. A similar conclusion can be drawn after seeing the rust in the expansion tank. The color of the coolant can be any, depending on the brand of antifreeze or antifreeze, the only condition on its surface shouldn't swim in oil stains, and the liquid – to be transparent, without a hint of turbidity. A more complete picture about the technical condition of the engine can be obtained by running it and checking in different modes, but that is a topic for another conversation. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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