How to choose a HUNDRED for the car. The details of the choice of the point of the car

Highly recommend to deal with the issue of selecting the car service immediately after car buying, avoiding convulsive searches HUNDRED in the case of a machine failure.

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We strongly recommend you to select car immediately after buying the car, avoiding convulsive searches HUNDRED in the case of a machine failure.

the brand has a Brand

The choice of stations depends on the brand of your car. For anybody not a secret that many car manufacturers provide incomplete information in the accompanying technical documentation, at the same time, their authorized service centers own it in full. Based on the foregoing, it is more expedient to use the services of the company's stations specializing in maintenance and repair of vehicles a particular auto giant. But if such service points in your city?

the advice of a friend and all-knowing Network

A good solution to the problem of choice of car is the advice from a friend of the owner of the similar car, have experience of communication with representatives of service stations. It will prompt and advise, in what a HUNDRED it is better to go for repair, and which to avoid. But if such veteran motorist no in mind? Come to the aid of the world wide Web. Search engines, automotive forums and websites of clubs will help you to find a trustworthy car service centers. At the same time, we should not trust all the messages and reviews: some of them can be proplachennymi aimed at the praise of their one HUNDRED and mudslinging competitors.

Holding an impromptu tender

To from several HUNDRED to choose decent, can hold a kind of contest: to call the service centers, to give them a real (or invented) the problem with the operation of the vehicle, ask them to make a account on Troubleshooting and to provide you with information. After receiving invoices from all service centers should review them and make his choice, taking into account the efficiency of information presentation, the detailed description of the required works and their cost, a detailed list of parts and materials with obligatory indication of their prices.

a Visit to the station

Following these activities, you should visit more of the selected service centers. First of all, note the appearance of the service center and the neatness of the technical staff. Ask the master-receiver of more issues failure of your machine. If instead of the intelligible and technically correct explanations of the causes of failure and ways to resolve it, he will cheerfully assure you that they will easily cope with the fault, with the only common words and phrases in a streamlined vehicle for a this HUNDRED is better than repair. Make sure you ask about the originality and quality of the installed spare parts. If you have any suspicions as spare parts, ask to see the documents with the obligatory indication of catalog numbers. Learn to let the repair area car owners? An institution with a dubious reputation is unlikely to allow the presence of the owner of the car next to her at the time of repair, and one HUNDRED confident in their staff and clients value the opportunity you provide. At the end of the conversation ask about the provision of warranty on the repaired node, it must be in writing. There are simple ways to expose unscrupulous mechanics and not to let them deceive in the service station. On this in the next release. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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