How to choose car mats. So the shop is clean

They rarely pay attention, remembering only in case of rain or snow, when water flowing down from the shoes of the occupants, remains of these "traps for dirt".

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Clean and microclimate in the cabin of the car largely depend on these workers, collecting water, dirt and debris, not allowing them to spread throughout the cabin. They also provide speed and convenience to clean the inside of the car, a properly selected, fit perfectly into the existing interior of the cabin and with the seat covers give it expression and personality.

Material mats

Rubber mats for the car interior are practical and easy to use. Due to the impermeability of the material from which they are made, the dirt and water remain on the surface without coming into contact with the pile covering the floor of the car. To clean the rubber mats after dirt or in the washing machine, it only needs to be rinsed with water, then takes a little time for them to dry. The perimeter of these car accessories is equipped with a side height of from 1 to 5 cm, not giving dirty water to overflow onto the floor. Well, if the surface of the Mat, a grid, check the puddle of water in the cells, does not allow dirt to "travel" across the surface of the rubber coating. Color gamut of the rubber mats is not latitude, is the most common color is black, there are even grey and beige. Rubber is a collective name, except for the production of car mats used polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride and other polymers. Fabric mats aesthetes prefer due to their attractive appearance, wide palette of colors and decorative finishes. No doubt – and tufted textile mats look stylish, but in the snowy season or in the rain they are totally impractical. Absorbing up to 2 liters of fluid, they become the source of dampness in the car, and in case of absence they have rubberized soles with moisture and soaked the main floor of the cabin, forming pockets of corrosion of the body. For complete drying requires more time than for rubber. If they are drying to neglect, the car will soon appear unpleasant musty odor, to cope with which will not do the air freshener even with the most intense fragrance. In the winter the water in the tissue freezes mats, turning them into hard icy shields.

Versatile and original

If you are the owner of a fairly rare car model, the choice between original and generic mats in front of you is hardly worth it. Have to settle for a universal mats, benefit, along their edges (for rubber mats) and placed pieces of complex shape. Thus, cutting off all unnecessary, it is possible to tailor the shape of the pad under a floor machine configuration. For owners of undercarriage and common brands of cars the need to engage in "threaded rubber" no — for each of the models of these cars exist original model or mats, the shape of which perfectly follows every curve of the floor surface of the machine. Moreover, the original mats supplied with standard mounting hardware in the form of holes, combining that with the special protrusions in the floor, it is possible to achieve reliable fixation of the model Mat on the floor. To the Mat fidgeted on the floor, many models of these indispensable automotive accessory manufacturers equip them with the inner side of the rubber spikes that cling to the pile floor covering, while providing the mats stillness. Almost all of the original mats have a reinforced "podatkow zone" in the form of a rubber insert or a site with a thickened layer of rubber. Placed it between the gas and brake pedals, in place, right where the driver's foot is in constant contact with the Mat. When buying car mats do not spare money on this accessory, high quality model the Mat will serve faithfully, reliably protecting the interior from debris, mud and water. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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