How to choose a car. What you need to know when choosing a car stereo

Choosing the car stereo, in addition to the design and personal aesthetic preferences, you should pay attention to the range of its technical parameters.

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Here, special difficulties will not arise. Depending on the size of the seats on the console of the car stereo and select its size. There are only two: 2DIN 1DINи. The receivers of both types of width and depth are identical and are respectively 18 and 16, see the Difference is in height: at the 1DIN size, it is 5 cm and the 2DIN – 10 cm. In most vehicles the lower and mid range footprint for radio complies with the 1DIN size. Size 2 DINболее common in expensive cars of premium class. It has wider functionality, however, its cost is much higher.

is the media Type and the format of the data

The first radio media were cassette tapes (hence the name of the device). They are often stuck in the compartment, magnetic Lenka was often entangled in the tape drive mechanism, the mechanisms for scrolling and the feed belt periodically broke. It was not until then, until the era of optical discs. Appeared CD players eventually replaced the device for reading DVD-ROM drive. The only drawback stereos with CD and DVD players is a "loss" fragments of a musical composition that occurs when you shake the car while driving. To solve the problem, the radio began to equip the "shock" — built-in cache memory in which is stored the composition. No doubt, laser discs is simple, convenient and reliable, but technical progress does not stand still and the time is flash drives, the information from which a playback device reads through built-in USB port. All the above media, except magnetic tapes are widely used in modern models of tape recorders. What of them to prefer – the choice is yours. As for file formats, the most common of audio are MP3, WAV and WMA, video file formats, the most popular are AVI, MPG, MP5, 3GP MOVи.

the power output and number of inputs/outputs

The value of the output power of radio directly affects the quality of the reproduced sound of it. One should distinguish between the maximum (peak) power output advertised by the manufacturers, of the nominal power, which gives the amplifier of the radio with constant audio playback. Don't lose sight of that power cabin acoustics should be 2-3 times the rated power of the radio. If the radio purchased, has only 2 line outputs, connect additional speakers and the subwoofer have to forget. The presence of additional connectors audio and video will allow you wish to connect a rear view camera, extra screen, amplifier and other devices, turning an ordinary radio into a high-performance multimedia center.


The image quality on the screen of the radio is determined by the resolution of its display. Of course, the detail display with a resolution of 1440 pixels will be better than the screen with this score of 320 or 128 pixels to the same information with 2 DIN radio reading much easier than with devices of size 1 DIN. But it's not all bad — the new model 1 DIN car stereos has a built-in slide-out display that has no less screen size.


Each radio is equipped with AM/FM tuner, receiving from the antenna a radio signal in AM range from 520 to 1610 kHz and FM from 87 to 120 MHz. We recommend you to pay attention to adjust the sensitivity of the tuner and the ability to switch between mono and stereo, which allows to significantly improve the quality of the received signal. Useful for radio is built-in RDS function, displaying additional information about the station name, temperature and time.

Additional options

Useful additional options is to provide: a multiband EQ, in audio processing, achieving high-quality sound; a GPS module that facilitates mapping of route and to accurately determine its location; a TV tuner and remote control. When you select the radio be sure to check for ergonomics and ease of use control buttons on the front panel. If something does not suit the layout of the controls, go to the study of another model. We wish you a successful choice! You no nail, no wand!

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