How to understand automotive slang. The people's dictionary of automotive terms

Usually novice-motorist because of ignorance of automotive slang in conversation with drivers-Asami feels very uncomfortable, hardly knowing what it is.

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Automotive jargon appeared along with the advent of four-wheeled iron carts and has since become a kind of language, in which complex technical terms are replaced with simple common words. In every word of the automotive slang contains so much emotion, humour and expression that sometimes you wonder of observation of drivers who managed to fill the car language imaginative and expressive words. However, see for yourself: The word of slang Its value The bunhead Flexible coupling cardan shaft Durochka Cheap car parts Monochromatically the air in the cabin Tie Tow rope Gene Generator Pot The cylinder of the internal combustion engine Pomegranate The hinge of equal angles speeds (shrus) Frog Switch, reversing light or brake The fence Roof rack car Carlson The fan of system of cooling of the engine Pan Air cleaner carburetor engine The Bullbar Metal from the arc tubes, mounted in front bumper Knee The crankshaft of the engine Ski Protection of engine crankcase The brain The electronic control unit (ECU) Carrot Motor windshield washer Clutch The clutch pedal Fly swatter Plastic vent hood of the car Chopper Window regulator with mechanical operation Spider The intake manifold of a gasoline engine Perdak Noisy tuning muffler Gingerbread The elastic suspension of the muffler Welding Xenon or bi-xenon headlights Sukook Upper handrail in the car The herd The engine power in horsepower Mother-in-law place The front passenger seat Torpedo The front cabin of the car Distributor Breaker-distributor ignition system Ears Rear-view mirrors, located near the side Windows Hair dryer The radar of the traffic police officers Chocolate Relay voltage regulator generatorfactory The exhaust manifold of the engine Eggs Front stabilizer bar car Full list of words slang the motorist to lead is not possible because of limited space in the publication. We are sure that you have something to add to the above terms. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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