How to check automatic transmission when buying a used car. Checking automatic transmission

Deciding on buying a used automatic car shifter, checking its health should be given special attention.

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Deciding on buying a used car with an automatic transmission, the verification of its serviceability it should be given special attention.

history of car

Prior to the inspection and verification of carton machine, it is desirable to see the biography of the machine. The fact that the owner will slip you the whole story, there is much hope, however, to know something would still be able. Need to figure out have you ever been in a major car accident and not whether the repair of the gearbox. The fact that a resource is any automatic transmission rarely exceeds 300 thousand miles, consequently, if the age of the car is more than 15 years, certain repair work, from oil changes to major repairs, was inevitably carried out. The only question is, how high the qualification was that the master? If the owner of the car repair carton machine specialized in a HUNDRED, he will remain a document on maintenance of automatic transmission. In the case of repair of the box a Jack of all trades and a generalist from a nearby garage cooperative from buying such a car should be abandoned. Note the presence of the tow bar at the car. Towing a trailer has never been in support of cars with automatic, so the presence of a hitch right will indicate that the automatic transmission worked with the overload. Incorrect towing a car using a rope can significantly shorten the life of its box, so first ask the owner, do not have to tow a car on a rope, and then do not be lazy and make sure there are no signs on the tow lugs of the machine.

Check oil

Pulling the dipstick out of the box, you need to drip a few drops of oil on a clean white sheet of paper and carefully review it. The color of the new oil is red, it is unlikely he will be so in your case, most likely the oil from the automatic transmission will be red-brown or brown, but must be translucent. If it is dark brown or even black in color, thick and opaque, and oil, and the details box order worn. The state of the automatic transmission can be determined by the smell of his oil. The sharp odor of burning will witness the burning of repeated friction or overheating, and the smell of rotting fish will indicate too long a life and the need to replace the new gear oil. Do not forget to check the oil level in the box, the engine must run at its lowest idle speed. In the case of insufficient transmission oil, try to find where it leaks, carefully inspect the box from the bottom.

Test drive

For the pilot of arrival note the lack of work in the transmission of extraneous sounds, scratching and knocks. Start the engine, press the brake pedal, translate the lever in position "D" and release the brake pedal. The transmission should engage immediately and gently, without slippage and delay. The machine will start moving forward. Check the operation of the automatic transmission, accelerate the car to 80 km/h and counting how many switches will perform an automatic transmission. There should be three: from first to second, from second to third and third to fourth. To determine the switching mechanisms of the automatic transmission is easy to drop the number of revolutions of the engine. Similarly, you should check and reverse gear, moving after a complete stop the car the gear lever in position "R". The backward movement must begin immediately, smoothly and without wheelspin. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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