How not to be deceived in the dealership when buying a car

We do not claim that absolutely all car dealers cheat buyers, but some of them myself allow it, so their tricks all you need to know.

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Private currencies

Seeing the announcement that the new automobile in the showroom is, for example, $ 15,000, buyer, confident that he has turned a good buy, headlong rushes into the car cabin to become owner of miracle machine. Vehicle inspected, the Manager only approved of the buyer in the thought that he was incredibly lucky, is a contract of sale and the buyer goes to the checkout to pay. Near the cash register, it turns out that the cost of the car in UAH, Russian rubles or in another national currency significantly above that which was expected, the future owner of the iron horse. Financial managers and dealership employees clearly explain that they have their own exchange rate which differs from the official one not the best (for the buyer). The best way out is to refuse to buy a car. So it does not hit the pocket, carefully make sure that in the contract of sale was missing the point about penalties in case of refusal to purchase.

Additional options

When buying a car be prepared for the fact that you persistently will come up with "stuff" its various additional options. Tinted glass, power Windows, heated seats, sound insulation of the cabin, a fancy alarm system, alloy wheels complete with special rubber, ultra-modern sound system with acoustics is an incomplete list of things without which, according to the Manager, your car is simply defective. No doubt, additional options of the car increase the comfort and ease of drive, but the prices... And the prices for the above equipment in a car cabin usually twice higher than in the service centers. So do not rush "stuff" to my new car, resorting to the services of the dealership. In the service center it will cost much cheaper.

for Sale used cars

Buying a car at the age of 1-2 years, on her work for the restorers, bringing the condition of the exterior and interior in perfect order. You are twisting the odometer to zero odometer on the vehicle is issued a new passport. The machine is further exposed in the salon, as you just descended from the conveyor of the automobile plant. Since the difference in cost of new and used vehicle very significant, all of the costs of professional pre-training more than pays for itself after the implementation of the "old-new" car. To visually detect deception almost impossible. The only sign by which one can suspect the owners of the salon in dishonest business practices is the clause in the contract of sale, which stipulates the mandatory warranty service after the sale of the machine only in "their" service centers. Also should alert the buyer and significant discounts or even free after-sales service yet again by the dealership a HUNDRED.

other methods of fraud

Among other tricks of unscrupulous businessmen should be allocated to equipment replacement, when instead of alloy wheels and a fancy audio system, the buyer finds his car cheap stamped wheels and the radio with the acoustics of average parshivosti. And the deception is revealed already at the gates of showroom, when to prove the fraud is virtually impossible. A fairly common trick with the resale of the queue when the future owner show car, but explain that buy it now is not possible because it is already prepaid by another customer. At the same time offering to pay a certain amount over the cost to compensate the previous buyer any inconvenience. Actually no there is no buyer, all of the overpaid funds will go straight to the dealership in the form of profits.Carefully study the terms of the contract of sale, require with the full description of the configuration and carefully check its compliance with the actual components before you leave your new car outside the gate of the showroom! Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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