How to choose the fog lights. The right choice of fog light

With good foglights are not afraid of neither fog nor rain nor snowfall. They will come to the rescue and in the case where the middle headlights weak or poorly.

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With good foglights are not afraid of neither fog nor rain nor snowfall. They will come to the rescue and in the case where dipped beam headlights — weak or poor.

What is a good fog light

Unlike normal headlights (especially high beam), foglights help the driver confidently to illuminate the space ahead of the vehicle, thus not blinding and disorienting him. How is this achieved? During fog or rain the light beam optics of a regular car, originally designed for operation in dry weather, is reflected from tiny droplets of water and returned back, thereby forming a front turbid light spot. Consider something occurring in front of the car, under such light conditions is a task extremely difficult. Unlike the main optics, fog lamps are installed at the bottom of the car, considerably below the axis of vision, the light from them has clearly defined upper boundary and is directed horizontally and down. For this reason, reflected by fog or rain the light beam is directed below the eyes of the driver and does not cause blinding effect. In addition, the density of the fog near the road surface is always lower than at a height of half a metre and above. Due to this, light from fog lamps confidently "breaks through" the fog or misty rain. To get rid of unwanted reflection of the light beam self help and special filters on the foglights, cut-off blue short-wave part of the spectrum, leaving its long-wave component, which the human eye identifies as yellow. Irreplaceable fog lamps in dry weather in the evening and at night, thanks to the wide beam of light illuminating the side of the roadway and making it easier to maneuver on winding roads.

the details of the choice of fog light

Let's start with the filters. What color to choose: yellow or white? If your geographic strip of the frequent fogs, or you often ride in the rain and in the snow, it is better to opt for the headlights with yellow filters. If fogs in your region happen infrequently, and in rainy weather you prefer to use public transport or postpone trips until more favorable weather conditions, the best choice for you would be fog lights with white light filters, light which is not tiring on the eyes. Plastic lens headlights unlike glass it is less traumatic, however, subject to inevitable change, whereby the intensity of the light beam with time is markedly reduced. No matter what material you are staying, check if the diffuser is sufficiently thick and durable as the proximity to the road surface makes it extremely vulnerable to even small stones flying from under wheels ahead of the going car. Housing quality fog lights have to be sealed, designed to operate in a wide temperature range. A few words about the reflectors. Do not buy headlights that have the reflector light is not a separate item, and is implemented by applying reflective paint on the inner part of the headlamp housing. So because of one blown bulb did not have to buy a new set of fog lamps, stop your choice on the foglights with demountable buildings. And very well if the glass lenses of these lamps are removable, for their replacement in case of damage. Mounting the fog lamps should be durable and reliable, with the ability to adjust their position both in vertical and in horizontal planes. Choosing the shape and design of the headlights, remember that perfectly matched the fog light should not be evident and to be practical invisible. You lit roads! No nail, no wand!

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