How to choose car speakers. Take your music on the road

The question of choosing the quality of acoustics is not limited only to music lovers but also ordinary drivers who want to get pleasure from listening to music in the car.

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Coaxial and component systems

The difference between these two acoustic systems is a constructive placement of their speakers. In a coaxial speaker system woofers and the tweeters on the same axis, i.e. in one case there are a few acoustic heads. Acoustics component consists of separately spaced different frequency speakers. The sound coming out of coaxial speakers is highly directional, low frequency signal, the signal is mixed with a high frequency, which also hurts the sound quality. Component of the system by changing the location of sound sources allow you to "pass the sound" in the cabin, achieving the original surround sound. Coaxial systems are usually does not cause difficulties and is, if not by the owner of the car, an ordinary car mechanic. To install a component speaker system, need the help of a specialist, because you will need the construction of additional noise insulation, the installation of additional shelves for the speakers and the ability to work with acoustic zones. The cost of component speakers and its technical support is significantly higher than coaxial. If your car is a normal compact car, not a limousine, it a car radio of the middle class, region music – chanson, disco, pop music or the music you listen to through the FM receiver, in this case with the selection of the acoustic system is particularly wise should not take coaxial acoustics, because the difference in sound between it and component acoustics you simply will not notice.

two-Lane and three-lane acoustics

Ideally the speaker system should consist of one speaker reproducing the entire band of the frequency range, however, due to differences in the requirements for the work in the different ranges this problem is almost unrealizable. Therefore, the most common speaker systems are two-way, consisting of low frequency and high frequency loudspeakers. Three-way systems (which are usually component) in its composition have the midrange driver. Advantages and disadvantages there are first and second. Two-way systems are easier to install and configure, but the three-way give better quality sound. Two-way speaker system has a lower price, besides the cost of a competent installation three-way system can exceed its cost. If you can see on the counter of the store there are two - and three way speakers with about the same price, stop your choice on two-lane acoustics – better to buy two-lane system of good quality, than three-way is questionable.

nominal electric power and input sensitivity

Don't confuse nominal electric power of the acoustic system with maximum power, which is usually the manufacturers of acoustics indicate big letters on the package. And take care of the power column only if the car has a multimedia center with audio amplifier. If the signal on the acoustics will come directly from the output of the receiver, to worry about acoustics bear the load, not worth it. More important is the input sensitivity of loudspeaker systems. The higher it is, the stronger will be reproducible and clear acoustics sound. Do not take the system with an input sensitivity below 90 DB/W/m, otherwise you'll need a device to amplify the audio signal.

Material acoustics

As before so also now, the best material for the manufacture of diffusers of low and mid-range speakers of the acoustic system remains pressed cardboard, paper or cellulose composite. Quality acoustics such diffusers dampness and moisture are not afraid, because treated with a special impregnation. Very well, if the woofer speaker is metal, even better if they are silk, and the dome of them should be greatest. Suspension of all types of diffusers must be made of soft rubber or rubber. When choosing acoustics do not attach importance to the size of the magnet, since it is not always a large magnet guarantees a good sounding speaker. Neodymium magnets, used in high-quality and powerful models of speakers that have great strength despite its modest size. Take your music on the road! Good luck to you!

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