How to work the steering wheel while turn

Despite the seeming simplicity, the work of the wheel during rotation consists of several techniques, each of which needs detailed consideration.

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Taxiing without taking your hands

Perhaps the most simple technique of taxing used to perform a smooth and easy rotation. In the initial position during straight movement both hands are on the steering wheel (1). If you break the steering wheel in conditional sectors, by analogy with the clock dial, the left hand should hold the steering wheel near the numeral 10, the right – in the field "two". To change the direction of movement of the vehicle must turn the steering wheel to the left (2) or right (3) side by an angle the value of which is not more than 900. The arms should not weaken the grip of the steering wheel or to slip on its rim. After the completion of the rotation of the wheel is aligned and receives its original position.

Power steering

In the case of a steep turn or when you deploy the machine when the wheel must be rotated at an angle of more than 900, the technique of power steering. The essence of this method of steering is that the work is performed alternately with each hand with interceptions. Let us consider in more detail the technique of power steering in the embodiment of a left turn. From the starting position (1) left hand, loosening the grip of the steering wheel moves on its rim in the upper part of the steering wheel, the right remains in the same position (2). Tightly hugging the left hand rim, it is the turn of the steering wheel to the left until the arm is in the bottom left of the steering wheel, and the right, loosening the grip, slides on the rim down. In the position (3), the right hand, tightly clasping the rim rotates the steering wheel to the left until, until you find yourself at the top right of the steering wheel, and the left at this time free to move up. As a result, both hands will be placed at the top of the steering wheel (4) facing each other. If necessary to continue the rotation from that position, the above sequence of operations is repeated, if the turn is performed, the driving line, passing it through your fingers without losing control of the steering wheel.

high-speed taxiing Technique

Like power, this technique is also used in case of sharp turns. As the name implies, it allows you to rotate significantly faster than when using power steering.From the starting position (1) is the steering wheel is turned approximately 900 to the left, both your hands are tight tight grasping of the steering wheel rim (2). The right hand continues to rotate the steering wheel left, and the left completely lets go of the steering wheel and moving over the right hand, performs the grip of the steering rim in its upper right part (3). Your arms must be in the "criss-cross". Left hand, tightly clasping the rim continues to turn the steering wheel to the left (4), the right is removed from the steering wheel (5) and after the wheel has been turned to the position at which the left hand is in the bottom left right hand grip is in the upper right of the steering wheel rim (6). If necessary the sequence of actions is repeated. You should be aware that although the power steering is way slower, it allows the driver at each moment of time clearly know what direction the front wheels of his car. In the case of high-speed steering feedback to the driver with the car missing, which is fraught with many troubles, until the occurrence of a traffic accident. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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