How to choose a safe speed. The length of a stopping way

Since the invention of the car about choosing a safe speed said and written a lot, however, this topic remains relevant to this day.

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Safe speed is not always the speed is regulated by the rules of the road. The sign of the speed limit, prohibiting movement on the marked stretch of road, does not guarantee the safety of traffic at such a speed in case of bad weather conditions, limited visibility and bad road conditions. The problem of determining a safe speed – not easy, but for many novice drivers, it can become intractable. Remember – the speed should be such that when it detects obstacles or in case of emergency situation you "enough roads" to stop your vehicle.

Length of a stopping way

The term narrow-minded "enough roads" means the distance that your car will pass from the time you detect danger until its complete stop. Most automotive literature list designated by the term "stopping distance". It has three components: the distance that the car will be held during the driver's reaction time, the distance traveled by the machine during the actuation of the braking system, and, actually, is the braking distance. Taking into account averaged values of vehicle weight, the braking state of the braking system and tire treads, considering the driver's reaction time equal to 1 second and the response time of the brake system to 0.2 seconds, you can make a table of values of a stopping way, depending on the condition of the road surface, expressed as a coefficient of coupling of tyres with road, and the speed of the vehicle. Despite the undoubted error in the calculation of the data, the table below will help motorists to navigate and choose safe speed. Condition of the road surface The coefficient of coupling of tyres with road The dependence of stopping distance (m) from the vehicle speed before braking (km/h) 20 40 60 80 100 120 Dry asphalt 0,8 8 19 32 53 76 103 Wet asphalt 0,4 10 26 51 86 127 176 Snow 0,2 13 44 88 147 225 317 Ice 0,1 22 73 157 273 420 600 Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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