How to survive in a car accident. How to behave if the accident can not be avoided

Make a plan of action during a car accident – the task difficult, so the means of escape in case of an accident it is better to think in advance.

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Frontal impact

Car collision "a forehead in a forehead" to happen because of inept or negligent performance of maneuver of overtaking one of the members of the movement. As a result the car, carrying out overtaking, has no time to go back in the right lane and with decent speed hurtling towards the traffic. Huge kinetic energy possessed by all moving vehicles, plus the different direction of application of the moments of forces during collision of cars leave very little chance for a favorable outcome as the driver and his passengers. If a frontal collision to leave does not work, try to translate it a shot on a tangent.Performing emergency braking and working the steering wheel must change the direction of his car in order to get away from the oncoming blow at the expense of the Congress in a ditch, colliding with a fence, post or tree. In the event of a collision with a fixed object strike on him the entire plane of the bumper is less dangerous than contacting one of the wings. The passenger sitting in the front seat, before the crash should fall sideways, covering his head with his hands and feet firmly fixed in the floor. The best way for passengers sitting in the back – drop to the floor. If the salon has a child, it must be a cover, protecting from injuries. The driver has until the last moment to steer the car with his hands against the steering wheel and pressing his back into the seat. If the speed exceeds 70 km/h or the driver ignored the safety belt should be tight to pull over the thorax to the steering wheel.

Side impact

A shot to the side of the body is the most common and less traumatic than counter blow "a forehead in a forehead". A large number of injuries because seat belts are effective in frontal impact and rear impact, in the case of a side impact real benefit from them no, because fixation of the body they do not perform. Very often in a side impact, in addition to suffer wing doors, inside the cabin caving in and causing injury and injury. Danger and side glass, if it is not glued, and hardened. If you hit the car in the side firmly close my eyes, bend elbows and press them to the upper body in the chest in position cross-wise, fingers should be clenched into fists. Your back should be slightly bent, pressing your chin to your chest, legs tightened at the knees, feet together. The driver is recommended to firmly hold hands on the steering wheel.

after the accident

The interior of the car after the accident, you must leave as soon as possible. We should not rely on drivers of passing cars or to await the arrival of the rescuer. The probability of ignition of the car after a traffic accident is very high, therefore, to understand your location in the car and position the car in the space, immediately take attempt independently to get out of the cabin wrecked car outside. Try to open the door if they're jammed from blow – try to lower the side window. If the window does not drop, knock vigorously or squeeze it, crush the fire and any metal objects. Remember – not a moment to lose. Once out of the car himself, should be helped to get out of her passengers and, retiring from it at a safe distance (in case of explosion), to provide first aid to passengers and yourself, call to the scene of the accident a patrol car automobile inspection and, if necessary, an ambulance and rescuers.From accidents nobody is insured, it is impossible to predict, but to know what to do in case of a traffic accident, every driver simply must. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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