How to cope with a skid. How to deduce the car from drift

Hasty and chaotic action during the skid fraught transition from lateral sliding of the machine in rotation with complete loss of control over it.

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Drift and its causes

The main cause of skidding is the loss of wheel adhesion with the road surface, although the vehicle can enter and in the case where the coefficient of friction is present, but is negligibly small. The wheels start to slip, acting on the vehicle lateral force will try to turn it to the side, which will offset the rear of the vehicle to the right or left. In the absence of action to stabilize the machine or run them from gross errors, sideslip of the vehicle will move in its rotation, and then lost control of the car most often blows from the roadway onto the shoulder or oncoming lane. Most often leads to skidding, emergency braking, accompanied by a full wheel lock. However, in the case of a slippery or uneven surface of the roadway when the road is covered with ice, snow, water or on pure asphalt are patches of snow or ice, loss of vehicle control rather harsh steering or over-active in pressing the accelerator pedal. Contribute to the emergence of skid mounting on one axis of tyres of different tread, or uneven wear.

Output from skidding front wheel drive car

The main rule of withdrawal of the machine from drift – forget about the brake and clutch, as when the clutch or brake will change the speed of rotation of the wheel that will only exacerbate an already difficult situation. In case of any drift car with front wheel drive you need without delay, but at the same time smoothly turn the steering wheel into the skid so that the direction of the front wheels coincides with the direction of movement of the machine. If the back of the vehicle skidded to the left, the rudder should turn left, in the case of skidding to the right the steering wheel turns to the right. The next stage of stabilization of the car – smooth pressing a pedal of an accelerator. The increase in fuel supply will add momentum to the engine and increase the pulling force on the leading front wheels. Don't be alarmed if they begin to slip, thanks to the increased traction of the front axle of the car "pull through" from drift. After the direction of the longitudinal axis coincides with the direction of travel, the accelerator pedal should gradually let go, stopping the wheel spin, would result in a new skid, but in the other side. If after trying to align the position of the car, it skidded to the other side, you must repeat the above steps, avoiding sudden steering movements to avoid "swinging pendulum".

Output from drift cars with rear-wheel drive

If the skid got RWD car, the order of actions to stabilize its position would be slightly different. As in the case of front-wheel-drive machine, it is strictly forbidden to use the brake pedal and clutch, in the same way as in the case of the front wheel, the steering wheel should be gently turned in the direction of the skid. And with the accelerator pedal, the situation is exactly the opposite – it needs to be let go. Otherwise the car may spin around its axis. The engine speed drops, the speed of rotation of the wheel will decrease and the tire grip is partially restored. When the deviation of the rear of the vehicle from the axis movement will stop and the plane seems to "freeze" in the position of maximum deflection, it is necessary to smoothly increase the fuel flow with a simultaneous mild turn of the steering wheel in the opposite direction. When you complete these steps, the back of the car is most likely going to end up in the other direction, but at a smaller angle, so repeating the actions to end the skid, after 2-3 small strokes left-right position of the car is equalized. Action on the removal of the car from drift it is desirable to automate, to find a suitable for workouts icy or snow-covered ground, with no traffic.Control yourself, don't panic and then from any skid you will be released if not the winner, anyway – with minimal losses. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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