How to ride with no breakdowns and accidents. Omens and superstitions of drivers

Firmly rooted in our daily life, omens and superstitions has not spared the automotive world. Believe what modern drivers?

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buying a car

That purchased the vehicle to "wash" know all. Variants of this action a great many: from the banal drinking of intoxicating beverages within the family circle or in the company of the owners of the adjacent garage to the complex rituals by sprinkling the body and wheels forty-degree elixir. Known another sign: to new car went a long time without breaking and without creating problems to the owner, after its registration and the registration area of the technical passport of the car it is necessary to moisten in alcohol, naletom to the edges of the glass or glasses (what one has enough health), then the contents of dishes should be emptied in one gulp. Just bought the car not allowed to take pictures, it is also forbidden to remove itself on its background, otherwise the machine will become to attract misfortune. Putting it in the trunk of car Jack, warning triangle, spare wheel and first aid kit, you must say: "Now, my lads, your home. Live here, go nowhere". This phrase is a conspiracy designed to protect the driver from damage and accidents. If you buy a new car is not possible, when buying a used car it is advisable to gather as much information about him. If before sale the car has been in an accident or someone died, such a vehicle will carry a "seal of bad luck", so the purchase of this car should be abandoned. Bad, if the vehicle is sold by the owner due to lack of money and frustration, negative karma of the old owner will automatically be transferred to the new owner of the car.

Before you exit

Not all, but many before departure make a kind of a ritual: three times go around the car clockwise, tap your foot three times on the back (or other) wheel, step on the trunk or the hood. Decided to carefully and thoroughly wash the car? By repeatedly verified the driver's mind on this day it will rain. By the way, light rain in the beginning of the trip promises her a prosperous and successful completion. If before driving out of the hands falls the key, the journey can be difficult and inconclusive. Remarking on the body of the stain, bird droppings, do not worry, this to profit. Not to cheat luck, you should quickly wash off the bird gift, otherwise you may experience unexpected costs. Yes and paintwork will benefit from this.

In the way

Despite gender equality, it is not recommended to take your vehicle in as the first woman passenger, otherwise there is trouble and troubles. Be especially careful of the signs held by taxi drivers and persons engaged in private taxi driver. The same taxi drivers never count their revenue in the car, because it is fraught with parting with money. And all other existing drivers of superstition are forbidden to count money in the machine and whistling. It is believed that it is possible to pay for your car attention car inspector, with all the ensuing consequences. Saw on the road a dog, make every effort to avoid her. There is a legend that some time later, after Downing four-legged creature in the other world can go and inattentive car driver. Never complain about your car being inside it, also avoid talk of its sale, otherwise the car will Harbor a grudge and will constantly break down. Road signs and superstitions to believe in, it is possible — no, it is a private matter of each driver. However, to drive in good health, with a positive attitude, monitor the technical condition of the vehicle and comply with traffic rules is everyone's duty. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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