How to choose wheel covers of the car. The choice of hubcaps

Wheel covers should firmly hold on to wheels, to be aesthetic, durable and easy to maintain. How to choose them?

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Wheel covers should firmly hold onto wheels that are to be aesthetic, durable and easy to maintain. How to choose them? Everyone knows that installed the caps dramatically change the appearance of both the wheels and the whole car. However, in addition to decorative wheel covers also perform a protective function – they block access to the hub and brake system parts abrasive particles, inevitably present on the road surface. Particularly acute problem of protection of brake discs, drums and brake pads becomes in the winter when road service, instead of clearing roads, liberally sprinkled them with different reagents, the most "harmless" of which is salt.

Size and material

Let's start size. In order to install the cap on the rim of the car, its size should match the size of the disk wheel. The first thing you ask the salesman at an auto parts store or the auto market, will be the size of rims of your "swallows". If this information after buying the car and remained to you a mystery, will bend to the wheel and read the signs on his bus. A combination of letters and numbers type R13, R14 or R15 and will be the rim diameter, expressed in inches. The vast majority of wheels made of various modifications of the plastic. To identify by touch the softness of the material – not an easy task. However, by comparing between a number of samples of bells, choose the one that seems to be more soft and plastic. Avoid purchasing hubcaps from hard plastic, because of their fragility they are soon covered with cracks, if not will break down.

Shape and color

The shape of the caps are very different: flat and volume, open and closed. Pick and choose according to their own aesthetic preferences. Don't forget that flat caps are more durable than "sham". The caps closed type better perform its protective function and is easier washed from the mud, however, significantly restrict air flow, cooling of brake components. When buying note the presence of caps in the holes or grooves, which allows to obtain unimpeded access to the fitting of the tyre. Otherwise, each time for pumping air in the wheel cap will have to remove, and then install it back. A large part covers painted in neutral gray and silver color. He blends perfectly with almost any body color. For the most demanding car owners, there are caps and other hues: yellow, red, blue, black and their various combinations. Separately want to say about the caps painted chrome. Despite the attractive appearance of such products, a maximum of one year, the coating that mimics the surface of the chrome will start to peel and the original look will not remain and a trace.

Method commit

The bulk caps are attached to the wheel disk by means of latches, spring-loaded rings of steel wire. This spring must be sufficiently rigid, and the number of latches to be not less than 10 pieces, otherwise when traveling, even a slight unevenness of the road, the hood slips off of the disk and will be lost. To ensure the reliability of fixing the breaks are quite often in addition to the standard method of fastening using steel brackets with two holes for the wheel bolts. With this method of fixing the caps to lose while moving is almost impossible. Another attachment method is the use of nylon cable ties-clamps. The cost is low and installation is extremely simple. Their only drawback is the single – use as for the withdrawal of the cap plate has to be cut. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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