How to adjust the driver's seat and rear view mirrors

Comfortable and safe driving is impossible without a correctly adjusted rear view mirrors and driver's seat.

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adjust the driver's seat

Before to start adjustment, you must take the correct position in the chair. To sit should be flat, so that the buttocks and back were held tightly to the seat. It is these parts of the body, the driver perceives information on the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle, the locking of the wheels, arising from the drift, the slope and the roughness of the road surface. Do not deprive themselves of this channel of information! To adjust the longitudinal position of the seat, you need to put your left foot on the clutch pedal and squeeze it until it stops. If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, right foot on the brake pedal. The correct longitudinal position of the driver's seat is the one in which the foot pressing on the pedal, slightly bent in the knee joint angle 120-1300. Otherwise, you will need to turn the position lock and move the seat (it goes on special sleds) in the desired direction. To check the accuracy of tilt adjustment of the seat back, you want to straighten your hand and put it on top of the steering wheel. If the place of contact of the handlebar with the hand is her wrist, the seat back is adjusted correctly. If not, adjust the back angle using the adjustment lever. There in your chair adjust the lumbar support? Wonderful! Adjust the lumbar support so that the spine at this point had a slight bow forward because of this back during the control of the machine will be less tired. If the driver's seat is equipped with an Elevator and Adjuster his pillow, adjust its height to suit your needs. Beginners usually lift it above to enlarge review and experienced drivers, on the contrary, for a more comfortable fit pillow is put down. To push the body to the back of the chair and to ensure a reliable contact of the thighs with the seat cushion, adjusting the angle the pillow so that its top edge was located slightly above the rear. And a few words about the headrests. Their purpose is protection of the cervical vertebrae from injury in the case of a vehicle rear impact. Headrest height should be set so that its upper part was flush with the top of the head. The head restraint should be as close to the nape, but not touching it.

adjusting rear view mirrors

The rear view mirror located inside the passenger compartment, must be installed so that when looking into it was performed the maximum coverage of the rear window of the car. For ease of completion of the overtaking mirror, it is desirable to rotate a little to the right, providing a reliable visual control of the overtaken vehicle. The position of the side mirrors it is recommended to configure it in order to provide a reliable overview of its lane. About 1/4 of the area of the mirror should be the reflection of the body of the car, this will facilitate the positioning of its machines in the surrounding space. The angle of the side mirror vertically should be such that the horizon line is reflected in "the picture" took place approximately in the middle of the mirror. So driving was comfortable, take care of proper selection of clothing and footwear of the driver. Clothes should not hamper the movements, to be spacious, but not bulky. Shoes tightly wrap the foot and have a thin, but durable soles. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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