How to bring order to the car. The secrets of quality service salon

Many motorists make the same mistake – focusing on the cleanliness of his car outside, rarely cleaned on the inside of her salon.

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The car has a mysterious tendency to attract debris, making it inconspicuous and practically invisible. Empty cigarette packs, packaging gum, packets of juice, empty plastic bottles, coins, tokens, napkins, various bills and receipts, crumbs from cookies or sandwiches – the list is endless. In addition to large and small garbage, in the vehicle, accumulate huge amount of dust and dirt, which eats into the upholstery. Leather and imitation leather coarsens, the fabric becomes dull and nondescript, plastic parts forms a characteristic plaque. As a result, the interior becomes neglected and uncomfortable. How to avoid turning a neat and stylish salon in a dirty and unattractive cabin seedy truck? The only answer is to regularly clean the cabin. Moreover, each time time it will be required less and less.

garbage Collection and dust

The first step is to remove visible debris: removing from salon mats for the feet, move the seat to the side and collect all the accumulated large debris in the form of the above packs, candy wrappers and small papers. If a passenger in the car is your four-legged pet, remove from the upholstery of his fur. It is convenient to use an ordinary tape is wound inside out on your hand, adhesive side out. Now it is the turn of the vacuum cleaner. Walk them first on the headliner, then down the seats and complete the collection of debris and dust, vacuumed the floor. For hard to reach areas, use a narrow nozzle.

Rugs and doorways

Extracted from salon mats are first wet with water, and then brush with stiff bristles to remove accumulated surface dirt. If you clean rugs regularly to keep, it's possible that giving them the original form, it will be enough to wipe with a wetted cloth. Having arranged the rugs to dry, you can proceed to the doorway. It is doorways very often neglected by the owner of the car. And in vain. Dust and dirt from their surface quickly spread throughout the cabin, nullifying all efforts to clean. Opening the car door wide open, should a wet cloth to wipe both the openings and the ends of the doors, and thresholds. Wiping dry, it is desirable to treat the surface Polish.

Glass and seats

For cleaning glass, use a specialized tool. To on glasses does not remain divorces, do not apply the cleaner directly on the surface. Spray it on a rag made of microfiber and then wipe it glasses. Avoid tinted glasses of detergent, ammonia, otherwise toning may crack and lose the original color. Best way of cleaning fabric seats is the handling of their surface steam cleaner. If such a device is not available, their fabric upholstery is effectively cleaned using soft brushes and products for soft furniture. Leather and vinyl seats are cleaned with a special detergent or soapy water, then carefully wiped and dried. Don't forget to put on leather upholstery air conditioning for the skin – it will protect the surface from fading, drying and cracking.

the dashboard and interior doors

The dashboard and plastic interior parts rubbed lightly with a damp cloth. For cleaning greasy stains use a detergent or stain remover. Clean the plastic surface should be wiped dry with cloth, then cover the Polish. It will not only make the plastic Shine, but will repel surface dust. Be careful when cleaning the inside of the doors, equipped with controls. Wiping with a barely damp cloth the surface of the door panel, remove from the crevices of dirt by the toothbrush, then gently wipe the buttons and switches a cotton swab or damp cloth, if necessary, winding it on a screwdriver or a knife. Performing the cleaning in the salon, you should take the time to trunk. Remove the Mat and wash and thoroughly vacuum the Luggage compartment. Having dried the mats, return them to their place, and in the trunk and the cabin, place air freshener with your favorite scent. That's all, inside the machine – in perfect order! Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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