How to drive in winter. Safe driving on winter city

The driving style in the city with the arrival of winter must be revised, as maneuvers, harmless in the warmer months, winter is fraught with serious danger.

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Take care of safety before running the engine. Check the proper Seating behind the wheel. Equally as harmful as close as possible to move the driver's seat to the instrument panel and controls, and to push the chair back, pulling him on top of the back. For an adequate assessment of traffic conditions the driver's view must be directed parallel to the surface of the road, and viewing angle to be as wide as possible. If the outer clothing is too bulky and restrict movement, remove it. Believe me, freezing you will not have time for a few minutes the heater will warm the air in the cabin to a comfortable temperature. In General, when traveling by car, try to avoid such articles of clothing as a voluminous jacket, long coat or a solid coat.

driving Style

The speed limit in the winter city there should be a minimum of one and a half times lower than from the summer speed and distance between vehicles should be doubled, because the increase in braking distance due to the reduction of factor of coupling of tyres with the road is fraught with many troubles. Approaching the intersection, in advance reduce speed, slow down in advance slowly and several times. Remember, very often immediately before the intersection under the wheels of the car is not rough asphalt, and rolled in hundreds and thousands of cars slippery ice. Don't forget about the insidious property of ice to form on the climbs and downhills, bridges and overpasses. Another potentially dangerous place – public transport. That is where most frost is formed from the braking and starting of buses, trolleybuses and taxis. Try to opt out of using the brakes in winter, learning to slow down the movement of the car and run it stop by slowly reducing throttle and engine braking.

Passage of snow ploughs and snow

Separate conversation – about the Islands and strips of snow remaining after the operation of snowplows. Avoid to call them on the wheels of one side of the car. Because of one-sided resistance to the movement of the car can easily change the initial direction of motion and go into a skid. To drive through such snow dumps need at a reduced speed and, if the traffic conditions permit, cross them at an angle of approximately 450. In this case, the slush will turn only one wheel, the rest will be more or less reliable contact with the road.


Choosing a Parking place, try to avoid proximity to public transport, roads icy areas and snow dumps. It is in these places, as mentioned earlier, there is a high probability of loss of tire adhesion of the vehicle with the road, and there is no guarantee that your car is parked't get lost because of the ice control other car. When you run stickybits not Parking in narrow spaces between machines. One never knows that how your vehicle and its neighbors can bring, as a result of body repair to avoid unlikely. On a winter road never becomes relevant rule 3D – "Give a fool the way". If the adjacent lane or behind you appeared erratically moving car, over and over again which creates an emergency situation, the best thing you can do is to give way. And so the life of the fool to follow the rules of the road rules and driving ethics will sooner or later teach. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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