How to unlock a car alarm. Disconnection alarm in the event of a failure in its work

Car alarm, like any electronic device, are not immune from breakdowns and failures. What if she's not responding to the FOB?

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You approached his parked car and tapped on the key FOB the Central locking button. Turn signals in greeting't blink, the usual short beep siren has not sounded, the doors remained closed. Puzzled, you press the button on the remote again, and again and again... It is very important to stop and realize that the car alarm is not receiving a signal from transmitter. Maybe the remote they did not send? Causes of malfunction of the alarm may be several. Consider problems and ways of their elimination, starting with the simplest and progressing to the more complex.

the Fault chain

The simplest cause of failure of a unit can be the discharge and the failure of his supply of batteries. Safe again is obvious and simple – by buying the battery and replacing it. If replacing the batteries failed to produce any results, you should use the spare FOB, which necessarily equip all kits car security systems. If the commands of the second remote machinery alarm system has responded, so either the first key FOB needs reprogramming or it is defective. In case, if the spare FOB is not responding the machine to perform further actions need to get into the car. In principle, nothing complicated about it, you need to insert the key in the door lock, to remember which way it should turn and open the car door. Be prepared for the fact that after opening the door you will hear the incessant alarm siren alarm, so all following steps will have to perform is fuckin sound the siren.

Discharge a car battery

Taking place in the driver's seat, you first need to check whether a discharged car battery. It is enough to insert the key in the ignition and turn it to the position corresponding to an activated ignition. A symptom of low battery will be the weak glow of lights on the dashboard, in the new models of cars for the category will indicate the illuminated indicator "low Battery". Perhaps the only way out – charge the battery. You can try a jump start from another car, so it is great for the battery to disable the alarm.

disabling the alarm using the Valet button

To turn off the alarm using alarm button should at least know her whereabouts. If you fail asked this question and the place where you installed the Valet button, you remained a mystery, not a problem – open the hood, remove the terminals from the battery (to stop the roar of sirens) and join in her search. Usually its placed under steering column or under the dashboard, it is possible that it is in the glove compartment or hidden in the area of the pedals. I advise you to first find the alarm unit (usually mounted under the dash), and then, sorting out the wiring, "calculate" the desired button. You can now proceed to disable the alarm with it. If you removed the terminals from the battery, don't forget to connect them back. How to use the Valet button depends on the model of the alarm. For signaling the Sheriff just turn on the ignition, press the Valet button, turn ignition off, turn it on again, press the emergency stop button alarm. For the Panthers, the procedure is somewhat different: the ignition turns on briefly, then off, then on again, and then within 10-15 seconds the Valet button is pressed to trigger the beep on unlocking. To keep in memory the entire sequence of actions for work with the Valet button, just put the instruction from the alarm in the glove box compartment and need not put him out.

Manipulation with the wires of the alarm unit

If you use the Valet button to unlock the alarm system failed, you need to find under the dash the alarm unit and remove its connectors from all the wires. Annoying siren dies down, but guarantees that the engine will start, it will not. If the attempt to start the car without success, so the alarm has ignition interlock, starter, fuel pump at the same time or their various combinations. Look carefully at wiring a regular wire, to which are connected the wires from the alarm unit. Mounted on the lock will indicate a regular cut wire, the ends of which are connected the conductors from the alarm unit. The alarm wires must be disconnected, and the ends of the cut wire to connect. If the engine after done work not started automatically, you need to look for another lock. Do not forget to remove battery terminals before you start tampering with the wires. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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