How to choose a car shampoo. Selection of shampoo for manual washing car

Car shampoo not only makes it easier washing machine, after its use on the surface of the body forms a thin but durable protective film.

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Car shampoo not only facilitates the process of cleaning the machine after use on the surface of the body forms a thin but durable protective film.


Choosing a dishwashing machine, do not rush immediately to buy car shampoo, packaged in large volume. Serious and self-respecting producers necessarily produce detergents in bottles of different sizes. Some even there is a minimal one-time packing. This allows you to check the quality of shampoo, without incurring substantial financial costs if you are not satisfied with. On the bottle of shampoo should contain details of the manufacturer, date of manufacture and shelf life of the detergent. If labels are missing or they are erased from the purchase of such funds should be abandoned.


In most cases, the basic structure of a shampoo machine is a solution consisting of water and surfactants (surfactant). It is from these substances depends on how effective the shampoo will be removed from the surface of a body of particles of asphalt, bitumen, oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and other things that a lot of sticks outside the car after a few tens of kilometers. Surfactants break down the polluting deposits and divided them into small component parts, facilitating their removal from the surface of the body. The acid-alkaline balance car shampoo should be neutral, and the proportion of surfactants in its composition should not exceed 30%. In pursuit of a quick cleaning effect, some manufacturers automobile cosmetics neglect this requirement. As a result, instead of protecting the body is the destruction layer of paint, as evidenced by loss of gloss and haze to the paintwork of the car. To recognize this shampoo can by opening the lid of his bottle and sniffed the contents. The pungent smell of alkali, which can't even kill the added flavors, please indicate that to use this detergent for the machine is undesirable. In addition to surfactants, many car shampoos include wax. These shampoos not only clean the body but also cover the surface of the durable protective layer.


An important indicator of the quality of car shampoo is the resistance of the resulting foam. She needs to stay stable even on the side surface of the body to the active substance had to "work" over the grease and road dirt. Also, the foam creates a sliding layer, which prevents the formation on the body scratches from small debris during cleaning. If the foaming is insufficient or it drains quickly from the body, the effectiveness of this detergent will be very low, and the washing machine they will be little different from the washing of the body with plain water. Avoid also too high and stable foam, as fully to wash it off with car will be very problematic.


Car shampoos are ready to use and shampoo-concentrates, which before use the body require dilution with water. It is the latter which is currently most widely used. Shampoo-concentrate should not be watery than thick of it, the better. The high viscosity of the composition shows not only the detergent but also on its efficiency. Check out the shampoo viscosity without opening the bottle, quite simple. It helps to shake it a few times and watch the speed at which the resulting air bubbles will rise up. If this process is slow, it means that the shampoo contains the required amount of thickener and viscous substances. Manufacturers of fake and poor quality shampoo, to increase its viscosity is introduced into the detergent composition of normal table salt. This shampoo will not protect the automobile body, and will only accelerate corrosion processes. Please refrain from using the washing machine washing powder, soap and other household detergents because of their aggressive components from the surface of the body to wash out completely will not succeed. From the effects of alkali and acid, the varnish will begin to crumble, the paint to become discolored, and plastic and rubber parts to dry out and disintegrate. After car wash shampoo on the paint surface of the vehicle body creates a thin film that prevents scuffing of the paint that protects the bodywork against corrosion, repelling it from dust and moisture. To select a proper car shampoo will accurately indicate the condition of the car body after wash. Quality shampoo will never leave behind streaks and spots, even if it is badly washed away.Shining and shimmering multiply reflected rays light the surface of the body – an indication that the shampoo for the car you have chosen right! Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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