How to avoid hit the car behind. How to minimize the effects of rear impact

To avoid hitting the car behind, you need to closely monitor the evolving traffic situation, moving smoothly, and it is clear to others.

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Kick back: than it is dangerous

The back hit of the car occurs for two reasons. The first and most common: the driver of the vehicle in front, seeing in front of an obstacle (vehicle, pedestrian, cyclist, deep pit, an open manhole), taking the emergency brake. The driver of the next car, due to poor technical condition of the brake system, selecting wrong distance or untimely response to a changed traffic situation, no time to slow down and hits the front (or standing) machine in the ass. The second cause of road accidents that are associated with the back hit of the car is sudden failure of the brakes of the car travelling behind. Such accidents are rare. In most cases, the back hit of the car is unexpected for the driver, as not all sitting behind the wheel, able to assess the traffic situation comprehensively and, in addition to what is happening ahead of the vehicle, to have time to follow what's going on behind her. During a rear impact to the vehicle is transferred to the kinetic energy of the vehicle travelling behind. The car receives a strong impulse, accompanied by a momentary acceleration of the body of the driver and passengers rush forward, while their heads are discarded in the opposite direction — backward. In the presence of head restraints the accident ends in injuries of the occipital part of the head. In the absence of restraints on the possible fracture of the cervical vertebrae, can result in death.

How to avoid getting hit

Smoothly change the speed in advance, thereby alerting other road users. Control the car so that other drivers understand your intentions. Avoid sudden presses on the brake pedal and keep a safe distance while driving. Back if you fell like riding on the tail of the, literally liausiu front of your car in your, let him know about your dissatisfaction with his manner of driving by a blinking their brake lights, is easy and short-term pressing on the brake pedal. If this does not help, gradually reduce the speed so that this reckless driver ahead of your car and left you alone. If there is a car that is performing strange maneuvers, accompanied by a sudden change of speed or carefully get ahead of it, or slow down and let it go far ahead. It is likely that this car manages the drunk driver or professional avtopodstavy.

If shock can not be avoided

If you avoid getting hit from behind is still a problem, the hands should rest on the steering wheel, and his back tightly pressed against the seat, pushing the back of his head on the headrest. In the absence of head restraints should be shifted down on the seat so that the seat back is fully covered the head from behind. Many argue about whether during the shot to hold down the brake pedal? In the case where the brake pedal is released, the machine after the impact starts to move forward, which significantly reduces the force of impact and the likelihood of driver and passenger injuries. However, the car can hit the car standing in front of him, and this is an additional injury to people and damage to the body. Pressed the brake pedal, most likely, will protect the front of the car from collision, increasing the force of impact on your car with all the ensuing consequences. The best option of the driver, in our view, is the following: at the moment of impact, the brake pedal is not operated, whereby the impact energy will go into translational motion of your machine, but once the car after impact will begin to roll forward, press on the brake to avoid a collision with a car in front of him, minimizing injury and damage. If the traffic situation and time allow, try to warn other drivers of the impending collision, enabling the alarm and setting the alarm sound. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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