How to check the availability and serviceability of the airbag in the car

When buying a used car, equipped with airbags, make sure that these devices are present and are in good condition?

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As when buying a used car equipped with airbags, make sure that these devices are present and are in good condition?

Device and principle of operation airbags

Airbags located in the steering wheel and in the upper part of the front panel opposite the passenger seat, called the front. Installed in the backrests of the front seat cushions are side. Head airbags or curtain airbags are in the pillar. Some models of cars have knee airbags, hidden in the bottom of the "torpedo". The airbag consists of control system, an elastic shell of nylon fabric and gas generator. Gas generators are solid-propellant and hybrid. When hit by a car signal from the crash sensors is supplied to the control unit, which sends an electrical impulse to the gas generators, the igniter driver "shoots" and ignites the charge of solid fuel consisting of silicon dioxide, potassium nitrate and sodium azide. Formed in a large amount of nitrogen fills the entire volume of the shell of the pillow. A hybrid of airbags, in addition to the gas generated from the combustion of solid fuel, the filling of shells is due to the release of the gas charge, which under high pressure is argon or nitrogen. The airbag device is disposable. After inflation and contact with the person they are torn and blown away.

Visual check of airbags

To determine the location of the airbags is simple: the vast majority of the cars interior that contains these pillows labeled "Airbag". Make sure that the car has not been in a serious accident that caused the triggering mechanism of the airbags is possible, having carefully considered the interior, and especially – the details for which are placed pillows. Lids must be same color and shade as the rest of the interior parts. They should be free of warps, dents, scratches and other damage, and trim must be free of signs of recovery. To check for airbag you need to remove the trim from the steering wheel, the cover on the front panel or in another location of these devices. Next, you need to consider carefully the shell of the pillow to determine the presence of flaws and damage. You can perform the training alignment of the cushion to the steering column of the machine, making sure that the deployment of the shell occurs without distortions. Check whether installed in the compartments of the cushion, not stubs-l'oeil, imitating their availability for electronic control systems. At the same time make sure that the hooks and the reliability of contact connections of the wiring.

Electronic monitoring

Staff device that signals the presence and good condition of the airbags is an indicator or warning light on the dashboard icon in the form of a figure of a man with a pillow. During normal operation of the passive safety system, the indicator should illuminate when the ignition is switched on, and after 5-6 seconds off. If the warning light does not turn off after this time or intermittently illuminates while driving, it indicates a faulty condition of the pillows, the crash sensors or the electronic control unit. One should not fully rely on a test light. The fact that now the market auto parts are relatively inexpensive device in the form of a small electronic Board that, regardless of the state of passive safety measures, simultaneously with inclusion of ignition the indicator enforce its state and extinguish after the same 5-6 seconds, simulating the serviceability of the airbag, in which the car is long gone in sight. The reason to worry is the case when the indicator of the airbag light does not illuminate when the ignition is switched on. This is an indication that the lamp has failed or purposely disabled. Not to torture yourself guesses about the true state of the system of passive safety, it is better to consult specialists at an authorised service station. Diagnostic equipment connected to the onboard network of the car, will tell not only about the health system and the number of times of triggering of the airbags, but pereprodavalos the system by the programmer in a controlled environment. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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