How to tie tow rope. Bowline, towing, eskimo nodes and a simple half hitch

Using dusty in the trunk of a tow rope, you can always pull out stuck in the mud car or to tow it to nearest service center.

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Using dusty in the trunk of a tow rope, you can always get bogged down in the mud the car or to tow it to nearest service center. Towing ropes are sold in auto supply stores, in most cases, equipped with metal hooks or carbines. Thanks to them, the procedure of attaching the rope to the towing eye of the car runs easily and quickly. But if your tow rope is such a useful item not include? Or because of a lack of cable you have to use a hand caught under a piece of parachute straps or cord? How to tie the tow rope to the towing eye so that then not to waste precious time trying to untie the knot tightly protracted? We recommend you to see several ways of tying knots: bowline, towing, eskimo and a simple half hitch. Their advantage over many other sites is that they simply divorced, do not inhale and do not damage the cable. Does not spontaneously returns to its original position, but if necessary they can be easily and quickly untied. Bowline (bowline) Towing hotelpronto politicalscience telpaneca that one end of the tow rope must be fixed on the left towing eye of the car, and the second on the right eye of the towed machine. Thanks to the driver, moving in tow, significantly improves the overview of the space ahead of the tug, and the rope with this method of attachment will be located substantially parallel to the axis of the vehicle, which can significantly weaken the strength of jerks. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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