How to eliminate longitudinal rocking of the car while driving

In case of any longitudinal rocking of the vehicle, to stabilize the position of the machine, properly working pedals the accelerator and brake.

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Longitudinal swaying of the car

Perhaps, many drivers had to overcome irregularities in the form of waves at the end of the descent, feeling the back of the machine swings inexorably back and forth. Where are these waves on the road? In the case where the basis of the road surface is made with violation of technology, braking on descents vehicles (especially heavy) "pulls" the top layer down. Over time, chaotic influxes of asphalt take the form of transverse strips, turning the road surface into the semblance of a washing Board. While overcoming such areas the car is rocking, performing rhythmic oscillatory movements. The load on the suspension increases dramatically and in the case of resonance swinging ends with the failure of the undercarriage. In addition to the risk of destruction of the suspension, longitudinal rocking of the car is dangerous because during the vibrations disturbed its balance. Is the redistribution of the weight of the vehicle as the axles and individual wheels. Vertical load on the wheels is periodically changed, whereby the coefficient of friction of the road surface varies from a maximum value to almost zero (at the time of separation of the wheels from the road). The machine becomes difficult to manage and sometimes unmanageable. Exacerbate the situation with longitudinal swaying of vehicle problems and defects of the suspension, especially worn or defective shock absorbers.

Methods stabilization

Without waiting for the rocking of the car and increase the amplitude of its oscillations, it is necessary to take immediate measures to stabilize the machine. The basics of pedals of gas and brakes to eliminate longitudinal rocking: — multiple and chaotic (with different duration and strength) of depressing the brake pedal with the right foot; — multiple and haphazardly pressing the accelerator pedal; — continuing to work the accelerator pedal (throttle), left foot to perform several different strength and time taps on the brake pedal; — following a short press on the brake pedal with your right foot, push it vigorously on the pedal "gas". The difficulty in stabilizing the vehicle during its rocking is that the throttling and braking, is performed at the time of unloading the drive wheels, will be ineffective, and traction or braking forces, trapped in time with the swaying of the body can only exacerbate the situation. Be prepared for the fact that the swaying of the car may be accompanied by displacements of the front and rear axes in the direction from the line direction, in other words – drifts. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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