How to repair the fuel tank. Repair of tank with your own hands

Problems with the integrity of the fuel tank arise not only from old and used cars. From passing of gas tank are not insured and also new machines.

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causes of a leaking fuel tank

The vast majority of passenger cars the fuel tank is located behind, in the lower part of the body, usually on the right side. This is explained not only by concern for the safety of the driver and his passengers but also the formation of correct centre of gravity of the machine. This method the location of the tank, there is one drawback. The lower part of the body most subject to mechanical damage and the ravages of corrosion. That is why the most common cause of integrity of the fuel tank is cracking due to corrosive wear of its walls. And the rust corrodes the tank from the outside and from the inside. From the outside to the walls of the tank influences the moisture from the wet roadway, the corrosion process accelerates the inner part of the water, always present within each tank. The fact that the fuel tank has sprung a leak, you will unmistakably indicate that appears in the vehicle persistent smell of gasoline (or diesel fuel). Another sign that the tank is not all right – higher fuel consumption. Looking underneath the car, the dripping of gasoline from the tank you'll find on typical "wet" spot around the leak.

Methods of repair

Perhaps the most reliable and quality method of repair of the tank is welding. To placing a patch or weld on the fault, start by removing the tank and compulsory fill it with water. A good method of repair of the tank is considered soldering. For repair you need to remove the tank from the car and wash it with water. Then MOP up the damage, degrease it and process the soldering acid. The same work, and with a patch of thin sheet copper or galvanized. A good hammer warming up the soldering iron, need to be blanched Seating surfaces of the tank and patch by fusible solder, and then applying the patch to the tank and solder it around the perimeter. To protect the repaired area from corrosion it is treated with bitumen mastic. Also a good method of repair of the fuel tank using cold welding. Clearing and abasiri repaired, the required amount of glue binary knead in the hands, protected by gloves. After about 5 minutes the mask will start to heat up and harden, consequently it is time to put on the surface of the tank, press firmly and carefully to level. You can apply to glue a patch of fabric, then apply on top of it another layer of cold welding. You can repair a leaking fuel tank using a patch of fiberglass impregnated with epoxy resin. After a little drying on top of the first applied another patch. Before the beginning of works the repair definitely sanded and degreased, and after drying, the resin – treated surface of the fuel tank with anti-corrosion wax. Long drivers carry out repairs of the tank by means of a threaded connection. Widen the hole and give it a round shape, and then inserted into the inside of the tank a bolt of the appropriate diameter, put the rubber washer cut from automotive cameras, top reinforcing metal washer and nut tightly screwed. If the hole in the gas tank microscopic in size a few millimeters, you can fix the leak by tightening in the screw hole, borrowed from the upholstery. Before screwing in the screw it is desirable to lubricate a soap and place it beneath his head elastic pad made from rubber camera, a piece of soft plastic or leather. A small crack in the tank you can grate a bar of soap (better business). For a long time such repair is not enough, but the nearest service stations to get you can. And a few words about the repair of fuel tanks of plastic. It is also possible to solder successfully. The damaged area is first reinforced metal wire mesh, and melding it into the plastic body warmed up a soldering iron and then covered with a layer of melted plastic material, most similar to the material of the tank. Allowed repair of plastic fuel tanks by the method of cold welding. Technology of execution of works is the same as in the repair of metal tanks, the only restriction is that the adhesive must be designed exclusively for plastic.In the event of leakage of fuel from the tank do not get lost, use all available methods of liquidation of failure, the benefit of the article a lot. Good luck to you!

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