How to choose and set additional options when buying a car

How to choose a car to subsequently suffer due to the lack of additional equipment and do not regret the money overpaid for the unnecessary bells and whistles?

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The answer to this question only one – to choose the right package and its additional options.

Types of models car

A complete set is called the list of equipment and components that is installed by default on a particular car. To produce a classification of machines depending on their configuration is quite difficult, since each manufacturer creates their own discretion, assigning unique names. However, a large number of models we can distinguish three that are always present for car of any model. This is a basic (minimum), standard (classic) and complete (Suite, maximum). Basic is a minimal amount of equipment with very poor specifications. The price of this car is the lowest, it indicates enterprising auto dealers in commercials, posters and brochures. The minimum volume of the engine, stamped steel wheels, cheap tires, ascetic salon and a modest receiver. All this is basic. The car is standard with Central locking, anti-theft system, Elevator steering, airbags for the driver and passenger window regulators with electric drive and additional devices to facilitate control of the machine. The most expensive car is the complete package. Here are all the max: the maximum volume of the engine, an upgraded and modified suspension, auto transmission, forged or cast wheels with premium rubber, stabilization systems, emergency braking and anti-blocking of brakes, a full set of airbags, climate control, elevators, rudder and seats, salon of leather and precious woods, the body painted with metallic or mother of pearl, grille, door handles and other little details are made of chromed steel.

Additional options

Additional options are devices and equipment that are not included in specific package, but their installation is possible at an additional cost. The device for which the options for one configuration may consist in a set of more expensive equipment. Power steering and fog lights included as standard with the car, can be installed in a car basic set, but for a fee. Installation of alloy wheels and high-quality speaker system for car the basic configuration will require additional financial investments, at the time, both cars standard, and fully loaded they are an integral part of it. This does not mean that spending some amount of money on extra options, you can turn the car in a base complete set the car in standard or Deluxe. For example, the installation of the ABS or the cruise control in a car the basic configuration is simply impossible.

Summing up

Choosing equipment and additional options when buying a car is not worth saving on active and passive safety devices: engine power, suspension design, wheel disks and tyres, ABS, emergency braking systems and dynamic stability, airbags and security alarm. Electric Windows, all kinds of elevators, air conditioning or climate control on traffic safety is not directly affected, however, will make driving easier and more comfortable. Trim, body color of the car, the presence of spoilers, moldings and chrome parts will be pleasing to the eye, highlight your social status and to indulge his own vanity. Choosing the options provided by the dealership and the factory, prefer the latter, since the quality of installation is much higher. Since each of the additional options costs real money, when choosing use common sense and thickness of your own wallet. Good luck in choosing, and more — comfortable and safe ride!

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